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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

In order to be able to run at all, PES19 (as PES18), requires a DirectX 11.0 compliant graphics card, one of the following:

Desktop Graphics

- AMD's Radeon HD 5*** series or newer.
- nVidia's GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 4** series or newer except for the GT 405.

Integrated Graphics

- AMD's series of integrated graphics starting with the HD6***, HD6***D, HD6***G series.
- Intel's series of integrated graphics starting with Intel's i3, i5, and i7-3*** series of processors, plus a fuckload of Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors which I won't bother listing here.

Laptop Dedicated Graphics

- AMD's Mobility Radeon HD 5*** series and Radeon HD6***M series or newer except for the 530v, 545v, 550v, 560v, 565v, 5145 and 5165.
- nVidia's GeForce 4**M series or newer.

How to Find Out Yourself

If you're still unsure, Windows offers a way to check yourself:
- Open the "Run..." window from the start menu or by pushing Windows + R at the same time.
- type "dxdiag" on the textbox, then run it.
- Check the tab to the right of System - Windows will list your API feature level on the right, like on this picture.
- If, like the screenshot, it lists 11.1 and\or 11.0, you will be able to run PES19. Congrats, you are still not free.


Step 1. Downloading the game

base game
Download PES19 using the magnet link from above, using a program like qbittorrent. If the torrent and links are not working or dead, please bring it up in the thread.

Step 2. Installing the game

After downloading the torrent, open the folder with the installation files and run setup.exe. It is recommended that you don't install PES to the Program Files folder, otherwise you'll have to approve a UAC message every time you need to compile an aesthetics export. Choose another folder, for example Downloads.

Step 3. Downloading and installing the patch

When the game installation is done download the PES19 1.06 patched exe (last updated on 21/07/20) from here.

Once downloaded, extract the exe inside the archive and put it in your PES19 folder.

Step 4. Downloading and installing the aesthetics pack

Get the latest official aesthetics pack from the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 main page.

Create a "download" folder inside the folder where you installed PES19 (or empty its contents if there is one already) and extract the contents of the pack to that folder.

Please note that Final packs are usually update packs and need the Base pack to be downloaded and extracted first.

Step 5. Downloading and installing the save

Get the latest official save from the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 main page.

Once finished, extract the archive and copy the files to your save file folder.
EDIT00000000 is the actual save file, while COACH files are optional, they are just the in-game coach pictures.

Download the System save file from here.
SYSTEM00000000 is a settings file that among other things, like volume, personal data, and match options, unlocks the Legend AI setting.

Downloaded save files go into C:\Users\...\Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\...\save.
If you don't have a save folder just run PES19 once and it should automatically generate it once you get to the main menu.
Close PES before copying the savedata, otherwise it'll get overwritten with the stuff PES already has.

Step 6. Settings and running the game

You might want to run Settings.exe in the main PES19 folder and set up several things to your own liking first.
After that run PES2019.exe and make sure the game says Version 1.06.00.

Help, the crack keeps getting deleted

Stop using Windows Security Essentials or any other terrible antivirus and get a decent one. And yes, Windows Defender will keep deleting your files without informing you even if you've disabled it. No, they are not viruses. You can set up an exception: XP/Vista/7, 8/8.1/perhaps 10.