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Hi again.

The Summer deadline for Aesthetic Exports is on July 22nd, 23:59:59 UTC, 24 hours after the Tactical Export deadline.
You initial export must include at the very least some working kits and a proper Note txt file, and must be named ___ Aesthetic Export for Summer 17 (replace ___ with your team's name) to distinguish it from old exports.
You can submit any new faces and portraits through the Mid Cup Aesthetics page after the deadline has passed. Don't update the export from the team page after the deadline.
For this cup Ramen will take care of compiling the DLC and the midcup for the first weekend.

Music Exports

During Summer a new soundboard program will be used for playing goalhorns and anthems, called Rigdio. This program requires music files (in any format) and a 4ccm file (a simple txt file which tells rigdio what music file to use for each player).
This means that starting from now you'll have to upload a Music Export and link it on your team pages next to the other exports. This export must contain at least the files with all the music used by your team, so if you have any on youtube please download it first (or look for some download with better quality).
Making and including a 4ccm file (check the Rigdio page for instructions) is recommended but optional.

The deadline for Music Exports is set to July 25th, 23:59:59 UTC, three days before the cup starts.
Sending the streamer links for custom single-match anthems will still be allowed, but custom single-match goalhorns should be provided at least four hours before the match to allow us to prepare the edited 4ccm for your team, unless you provide the 4ccm yourself. In this case you have time to submit the goalhorn until right before the first match.

Quick reminders

  • The aesthetic export must follow the format described in the AET page.
    You can also find there the compiler used for making the cup DLC and check your export for errors with it.
  • Make sure that every face folder in your export has the player name written in its name next to the player ID, for easier troubleshooting.
    Example: 75311 - Git Gud
  • Don't submit blender face folders for players that aren't in the team anymore. (reason here)
  • Don't keep any players with placeholder faces. Even if they're getting a blender soon, just choose any face and hair preset for them in PES' edit mode.
    This takes a few seconds per player, don't be that team.
  • If you haven't already, please get the updated and fixed export from your last cup here and add any new stuff to it.
    Avoid submitting old and broken stuff.


Feel free to join the /AesCo/ discord server if you have any questions.