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Hey, I'm the guy who used to be Sci icon.png /sci/'s manager, for a short period of time I "managed" Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/ before being >banned from the /vg/l
Tripcode is: Lab Coat !!xjloyu2m+mY
Contact me at LabCoat#1630 on Discord, or send an email at

Invitational Teams

Current Invitational Teams

Math icon.png /math/ - Mathematics Fed icon.png /fed/ - United Federation of Planets

Current Concept Teams

Chem icon.png /chem/ - Chemistry Md icon.png /md/ - Maryland Tmbg icon.png /tmbg/ - They Might Be Giants

Retired Teams

Tfe icon.png /tfe/ - Team Fortress Engineer

Other Things