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Once the cup concluded, {{tt|the guy who seemingly started the transformation of /vg/|Windy}} left management and was quickly replaced by {{tt|new blood from /rsg/|Zilyana}}.
Once the cup concluded, {{tt|the guy who seemingly started the transformation of /vg/|Windy}} left management and was quickly replaced by {{tt|new blood from /rsg/|Zilyana}}.
== Pre-[[2020 4chan Winter Cup]] ==
The [[/vg/ League 13]] happened. For some reason they played it on PES16. Revived and autopilot [[/lzg/]] won the tournament, a year and a half after losing their first final, while [[/drg/]] and [[/vrg/]] bounced back from losing their [[/vg/ League Elites|Elite]] status the previous /vg/ League by taking second and third place respectively. /vg/ also signed up for the [[Test Cup V 19]] to act as a guinea pig for a [[Pro Evolution Soccer 2019|"new" PES]]; however, due to its deadlines clashing with the /vg/ League dates, the only roster change made for the Test Cup was the temporary promotion of fan favorite nigger lol to gold.
[[Category:Team history]]
[[Category:Team history]]

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Pre-2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

/vg/'s first matches against /v/, /tg/ and /b/ took place, telling a tale of (mostly) success as /vg/ won two of the friendlies (1–0 and 2–1 over /tg/ and /s/) while losing one (0–1 to rival /v/) and earning the team a good standing to start off on.

2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

The Babby Cup went off to a rocky start for /vg/, barely drawing 1–1 to a /b/ which was being actively rigged to be worse by GermanBro, due to failing to meet roster deadlines. The /vg/ prospects in Group H continued to look poor, as they scraped a win against /u/ due to their manager not being present for the match. /vg/ seemed to show a bit more form against /r9k/, though lost, a situation which made it possible for /vg/ to be eliminated if /b/ beat an already-eliminated /u/ by 2 goals. Thankfully, Gracen delivered and /u/ drew /b/ 0–0; with this result, /vg/ soared into the Round of 16 and, along with it, the Winter Cup, on 4 points at second place in the group. With a match against the 5-defender formation of /y/, it seemed entirely possible for /vg/'s offense to be completely locked out. However, seemingly through sheer dumb luck, /vg/ managed to hold /y/ at 2–2, not only for full-time, but into extra time too. The penalties which followed were one of the greatest gambles in /vg/ history, though /vg/ came out the winner 7–6. The following game, the quarter-final match, was against a /soc/ team fresh from eliminating /v/ in the Round of 16 on a /v/ own goal. As such, immense pressure flooded the /vg/ thread from /v/ fans to "avenge" them. Thanks to tactics donated by /u/'s manager, /vg/ managed to dominate the game, finally ending it 6–4 after extra time after the match was 3–3 at full time. /vg/ had reached the semi-finals, against /wg/, however, the pressure of the last two games going into extra time was weighing heavily on /vg/'s players, while /wg/ was still comparatively fresh. /vg/'s defense completely fell apart from fatigue, with their offensive conditioning doing them no favours and /vg/ acquiring 2 red cards in the match. The result was a 3–0 victory for the far superior /wg/ side. The semifinal loss to /wg/ forced /vg/ to fight for 3rd place against the team which had historically stomped them, /tv/. Both teams were appallingly tired, with /vg/ seemingly having the advantage in conditioning. Nonetheless, /tv/ managed to lockdown the game at a solid 3–0 until, in the last minute of the last match of the cup, Gootecks, who had before now completely failed to do anything in the tournament due to a combination of conditioning and chokes, echoed DesWOW's performance in the September 22nd /tv/ friendly and somehow scored, saving face and letting /vg/ "win 1–3". For a team which had come so close to failing to qualify for Winter, to finish 4th showed great promise for the raw potential of /vg/. However, the apparent reliance of CAnon on Gracen to produce any tactics which were halfway competent and innovative, caused problems come the next cups. Nonetheless, /vg/'s future looked bright, as it stepped into the brave new world of PES 2013.

Pre-2013 4chan Winter Cup

CAnon provided seemingly no tactical changes during the time leading up to the 2013 Winter Cup, possibly seeking to hold his cards close to his chest before the Winter Cup. In the invitational Trip Cup, where certain teams (/sp/ and /vp/, to name only two) submitted joke tactics, and others (like /vg/ themselves) didn't bother updating their teams at all, /vg/ made a strong showing, eliminating in no unclear circumstances /mu/, /sp/ and finally /mlp/ to win the cup. A substitute defender with no medal or cards, Buggleson, scored the third goal against /mu/, securing his place in the starting lineup thereafter. /vg/'s good fortune seemed to hold, as in the single allowed Winter Friendly, they faced /vp/ for the first time in their history. While the game was closely contested, /vg/ eventually managed a 3–2 victory. The close loss against /v/ in the Gracen Test Stream was disconcerting, but the 1–2 loss seemed more down to misfortune, than any particular failings. In all, it seemed just an unfortunate blip against /vg/'s other performances during this period.

2013 4chan Winter Cup

Despite having a reasonably safe group, /vg/ lost a 2–0 lead against /fit/ and CancerousAnonymous panicked, allowing a 2–2 draw to become a 2–3 loss in the last minutes; he also failed to live-manage during the game against /sci/, resulting in /vg/ losing 1–2, and, with /vg/ being already relegated by this point, didn't even bother to submit tactics for the /int/ game, resulting in another 1–2 loss. With 0 points, 0 wins, and 3 losses, /vg/ collapsed out of the bottom of Group E, gaining a red card for substitute RMF Plesioth as they did so.

2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup

Being thrust into a Group of Death with /m/, /an/ and an only slightly less threatening /cgl/, effectively killed /vg/'s hopes of advancement before the first game. While they managed to stalemate /m/ for a while, poor performance on the pitch left the team 2–0 down at full time. Against /cgl/, the team took a quick lead, only for the seagulls to equalise and go full bus-park. CAnon seemed unwilling to allow a draw, and kept impetuously (foolishly, with hindsight) pushing the offensive, allowing the chinks to form in /vg/'s defence which /cgl/ so ruthlessly exploited, giving them 3–1 against /vg/ at full time. At the /an/ match, it seemed fate would not allow any consolation to the battered and humiliated /vg/, with DMF Eugenics being red carded within a mere seven minutes of play time. Facing the prospect of playing 10 men against 11 for the next 83 minutes of the game, with virtually no possibility of advancement, it seems CAnon decided to go out with a bang, putting on fundamentally ridiculous tactics, apparently trying for "double or nothing" in the red card department. His efforts were to no avail, leaving /vg/ with only one red card and a final score of 3–0 against /vg/. With /vg/ failing to qualify from their group stage with 0 wins, 0 draws and 3 losses for the second consecutive cup, CAnon realised his time was up. After a short period of begging for a replacement to step up and manage /vg/ instead of him, he simply drifted out of the scene, ending his managerial career after just under a year at /vg/'s helm.

Pre-2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

Stepping into the void left by the AWOL CAnon, Chicago. !.0C2daFIRE seemed to at least have a much better idea of what he was doing. With CAnon reappearing a few days after Chicago had stepped up to the plate to offer his blessings to the new blood, it would have seemed he was /vg/'s best chance of escaping the Fetus and again making it to Winter. However, the mercenary /sp/ manager failed to successfully install PES, and in his frustration, gave up on the cup, leaving /vg/ without friendlies organized at the time of the deadline and wasting a chance for valuable points - points /vg/ would need to avoid the Fetus. /vg/ would eventually find a proper manager for Autumn and managed to avoid the Fetus due to the Dragongate-induced death of /hm/.

2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

DeMessi !!U+s2S3/fT0g debuted as /vg/ manager in a surprisingly difficult group. Though /vg/ ended the half of their first match with a 1–0 lead over group favorites /toy/ and scored a second almost immediately into the second half, /toy/'s star gold Madoka Titus gave /toy/ an avenue back into the match, while Kinder Eggs put a final nail into /vg/'s coffin as they took a 2–3 loss in their first match. In their next match, /vg/ were scored on twice by /e/ in the first 30 minutes, but came back with late goals by Tamamo and New Thread to snap a 10-game losing streak by taking a 2–2 draw from the match. The final match was against /fa/; with /vg/ still having a chance to advance simply by winning and having a good enough goal difference, they seemed to take immediate control as a 16th minute goal by Justin Wong put /vg/ in an early lead; however, Dick Ovens equalized merely ten minutes later, and /vg/'s defense collapsed late, allowing two more goals to pass and taking a 1–3 loss. This guaranteed /vg/ entry into the 2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers, as they finished at the bottom of the group with 1 point and 28th place overall. For their trouble, /vg/ received two post-cup awards; At least you tried and Worst Manager.

Pre-2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup

The first iteration of the /vg/ League took place, with /dsg/ winning the final 2–0 over /acg/; this ensured that both generals' representatives (Git Gud and Saturday Turnips, respectively) would take gold position in the new /vg/ starting lineup. Pre-cup friendlies showed cautious promise for a rebuilt /vg/; in the 2014 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies, /vg/ took a 1–0 win over fellow then-Fetus team [s4s] before an elite /an/ destroyed /vg/ 4–1.

2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup

Due to 4CCC format changes before the cup, /vg/ found itself skipping the Fetus and going straight to the Mega Babby. This time, /vg/ were set to compete with 4 other teams (/c/, /u/, /sci/, and /vp/) in Group H. /vg/'s opening matches were both roaring successes, both deconstructions of /c/ and /vp/ by 3–0 with new blood Git Gud scoring 3 of the 6 goals for the new team. After the fast start, /vg/ would prove a bit inconsistent; two 1–2 losses in matches to /sci/ and /u/ put /vg/ in danger of failing to advance. Only a legendary choke by /c/ striker Konata in /c/'s final match (a 1–1 draw to /vp/) put /vg/ through to the knockouts and Summer Cup on 6 points (just one over the third-placed /c/). In the Round of 16, /vg/ were able to find some of their early-group-stage magic again, dominating a /ck/ fresh off of a ten-point showing in their group and taking a 3–0 win as Git Gud got gud again just in time. In the quarterfinals, /vg/ faced a surging /diy/; the match ended a 0–0 borefest in regulation, but both teams put in goals as MacGyver and Git Gud scored late in the second half to take the match to penalties 1–1, but Wilhelm II missed a crucial kick that allowed /diy/ to take a 5–3 win in the penalty kicks. /vg/'s 6th place finish marked the best showing for the team since the 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup.

Pre-2014 4chan Summer Cup

Before the 2014 4chan Summer Cup, a friendly with /v/ resulted in a 2–0 loss for the Generals. The second /vg/ League also took place during this time, with /dng/ taking a 2–2 win (4–1 in penalty kicks) over /pdg/; the roster rebuild for this cup resulted in a gold pairing of Blaster ;) and Git Gud (the latter being made a permanent gold due to meta status) with Simon Viklund and Snowager of third-place /npg/ becoming the silvers.

2014 4chan Summer Cup

Set to compete with /h/, /v/, and /ck/ in Group D, many had low expectations for /vg/ as they entered the Summer Cup in an arguable Group of Death. In the opening match, /vg/ was able to overcome a locked down /h/ defense with a single goal by Simon Viklund for a 1–0 victory. Though /h/ took many more shots, new /vg/ goalkeeper A DUD!? saved all of them, ensuring the surprise victory for /vg/. In the next match, they lost a similarly tense 1–0 affair to a /ck/ looking to make up for earlier spaghetti in a 2-0 loss to /v/ and to keep the group's final day interesting after /v/'s 1–1 draw to /h/. On the final day, the Vidya Derby matchup against /v/, /vg/ seemed almost dead on arrival, with /v/ having dominated the group to the final day and /vg/ needing to not lose to stay alive. This seemed to be the case when Mr. Bones scored for /v/ at the 3rd minute; however, a late-first-half equalizer by new gold Blaster ;) kept /vg/ in the match. By the end of the game, /vg/'s other medals had taken 3 more successful shots at /v/'s net, as a 4–1 victory combined with /h/'s 1–0 win over /ck/ destroyed /v/'s run and sent /vg/ through to the knockouts as the top team of Group D. In the knockouts, the first matchup was against /f/ in the Round of 16; while it looked like /f/ would eliminate /vg/ here, late tactical panic allowed for goals by Git Gud and Based Mang in extra time to push /vg/ to the quarter-finals with a 2–1 victory. Against /an/, a dominant /vg/ offense was stopped nearly every time by /an/'s goalkeeper Corgi; however, Blaster ;) scored at the 83rd minute to assure a 1–0 victory for /vg/ and a semifinal berth. Unfortunately, /vg/'s semifinal opponent turned out to be a very strong /mu/; despite holding relatively even with /mu/, a cheeky pass to The Deak gave /vg/ a 0–1 loss and ended their hopes of winning the cup. In the highly boring 3rd place match against /x/, /vg/'s goalkeeper A DUD!? stopped /x/'s attacks while Blaster ;) scored another late /vg/ goal to give his team a 1–0 win. While 3rd place was /vg/'s greatest finish of All Time, the Elite Cup's third place curse assured that /vg/ would not stay elite for long.

Pre-2015 4chan Winter Cup

The /vg/ League 3 took place, with much-hated /5N@F/ taking a 3–2 final victory over /wtg/ while /twg/ took third place over /nepgen/. However, controversy over /5N@F/'s manager led to /vg/'s medals for this cup and the Spring Babby Cup comprising of meta player Git Gud and /wtg/ representative >arcade as the golds with /twg/ representative Napoopan and fourth-place /nepgen/'s representative Purple Heart as the silvers.

2015 4chan Winter Cup

/vg/ was drawn into Group E for the Winter Cup; grouped with /wsg/ and /g/ sides competing with new managers, as well as recently-successful /lit/, many thought /vg/ would overcome the curse of third place and advance from Group E. However, they were wrong. The first matchup brought /vg/ a 2–1 win over /g/, with the /vg/ side overcoming an early Teedus strike as Blaster ;) equalized before the half and controversial striker Git Gud finally got gud again to give /vg/ an opening win. However, /vg/'s offense looked completely toothless the next two games; losses in the next two matches to /wsg/ (0–1, since negated from the record books due to post-cup dramu) and /lit/ (0–3) came with very few shots for /vg/ in either game, as the team attempted and failed to play to its defensive strengths and DeMessi's tactics ultimately led to the offense being crippled badly after the first game. /vg/ finished 23rd out of 32 in this cup with 3 points; while certainly not the worst finish that could happen, it also wasn't the best, as /vg/ failed to overcome the third place curse and advance from group stage.

2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup

Drawn into Group F with /n/, /d/, /k/, and autopilot /hm/, many doubted /vg/'s chances in a semi-competitive group. Despite an initial 1–1 draw with /k/ after giving up a 5th minute goal thanks to >arcade's 85th minute equalizer, /vg/ fell to the mercy of a group /d/ominatrix as they lost 1–4 despite showing early strength and equalizing after /d/ took the early lead. The /d/ loss was followed up by /n/ taking 3 goals out of a /vg/ side that looked like it wanted to die in its sleep, and despite a Purple Heart consolation, /vg/ lost 1–3, killing them for good. Even worse, /vg/ lost its final match to an absolutely atrocious and auto-piloted /hm/ 0–1, cementing the team's worst performance since the 2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup with a mere one point thanks to Bearforce's 24th minute goal. After the cup, DeMessi again won the Worst Manager award in the auties after the cup.

Pre-2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

The /vg/ League 4 was held with /dng/ winning a second star to get their gold spot back, while /hsg/ and /rsg/ representatives will take the silver spots. /vg/'s Summer Friendlies season saw the debut of their updated post-/vg/ League 4 roster and new tactics; while /vg/ played better in their two friendlies, no luck was to be had as they lost to /lit/ 2–2 in a penalty shootout and to /gd/ 1–2. /vg/ also played in the inaugural Vidya Bowl, where an atrocious first day and hardcore memeing in the third place match solidified their spot as the worst vidya board.

2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

Drawn into Group E with /h/, /wg/, /trv/, and /po/, /vg/ was in a tight spot with two of the best teams in the cup in its group and as its final matches. The first match of /vg/'s cup run was against /po/; initially down 0–1 at the half, a strong second half saw /vg/ come back and win the match 2–1. The next match against /trv/ was, like half of the day, delayed by a very spooky and sudden audio failure of the streamer's computer on Halloween, and /vg/ seemed spooked badly early on as they fell down 0–1 at the half. Despite looking much better in the second half and scoring twice, /vg/ still lost 2–3 to /trv/, putting their advancement in doubt. The final two matches were an exercise in collapse as /vg/ went from being highly competitive but unable to finish to absolutely toothless in successive blowouts to /wg/ and /h/, 1–3 and 0–4. The /wg/ match was entirely dominated by a strong /wg/ from start to finish, with the only consolation /vg/ could find coming far too late to mean anything. The /h/ match saw /vg/'s attack repeatedly fail to score despite looking clearly stronger in the first half, and /h/ took two goals from an utterly pathetic defense. By the second half, /vg/ seemed to have given up, as their management was in full panic and the team on the field was unable to stop giving up goals. Satoru Iwata's own goal was only additional pain for /vg/, and as a result they left with their greatest loss in hand from what should have been a far better performance, much like the /trv/ match.
After this cup, DeMessi silently retired, faithful in the new management despite a terrible first cup.

Pre-2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup

The /vg/ League 5 was held; /ffg/ won the final over /ksg/ and /kspg/ took third place. /vg/ participated in a barrage of pre-cup invitationals as well, with mixed results, but enough promise to at least look like they could get out of the fetus. >implying invitationals matter

2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers

Initially /vg/ were drawn into a 3-team group for the Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers, facing /po/ and /i/ twice. However, incompetence on the part of /o/ management sent them down to the fetus and in /vg/'s group as their first match. /o/ provided a big challenge to /vg/, scoring the first goal and a second after a half-ending Doctor Jewgle equalizer. The Moogles and Kerbals would give /vg/ a 3–2 lead after 72 minutes, but the Miata proved itself to be THE BEST as it scored a late goal to ensure a 3–3 draw. More problems getting early leads showed in a rematch against /po/, but /vg/ held the lead 3–2 after the half. Kickoff abuse struck in the second half and for the rest of the match /po/ kept attacking but failed to do anything. At the very end of stoppage time, /po/ goalkeeping went full retard and let Jewgle put in a winning goal, putting /vg/ at second place in the group after /o/'s convincing win over /i/. Despite only needing a draw to get through, /vg/ suffered a total meltdown, losing 4–0 to /i/, and dependent on /o/ continuing their fetus dominance to have any hope of not being aborted. /o/ made good on their end of the deal, as /po/'s management fucked up their export and let /o/ win 2–1. /vg/ somehow ended up best of the third place teams despite -3 goal difference, setting up a clash with /y/ in the third place playoffs. /y/ took an early lead, but the rest of the match was solely /vg/, as they ended up scoring seven goals and taking /y/ to Rio with a 7–1 victory. However, despite getting an early lead in third place playoff finals against /adv/, /vg/ gave up entirely afterwards, letting themselves lose 3–1 and keeping them aborted.

Pre-2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

The /vg/ League 6 took place, with /twg/ winning the final over /xcg/. /rsg/ got third place again, and one of the longest serving players on /vg/ was forcefully sacked. Popular victory anthem Baba Yetu also returned starting in Autumn.

2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

The Autumn group draw put /vg/ in a group containing two teams /vg/ had never played before and one that /vg/ had not played since 2012. Against /biz/, /vg/ overcame two offsides at the beginning of the match as Snaketits scored the first goal; /biz/' own new silver Trumpcoin equalized, but Napoopan rode through and Git Gud added insult to injury by making up for his previous fuck-ups in a 3–1 victory. Then /tg/ came, with /vg/ needing a win in order to become elite for the first time in two years. This time, Git Gud got gud right off the bat, scoring two goals in the first half; Snaketits continued her run of good form by adding a goal after the half while Git Gud got a hat-trick twelve minutes later to make it 4–0. Napoopan and Thok got in on the action with their own goals to make it 6–0, and /vg/ laid off the defending late as Doomrider scored the only goal of his team's cup run. /vg/ took a 6–1 blowout win, and thanks to another 6–1 blowout courtesy of /sp/, /vg/ were confirmed elite for the first time in two years. The match that followed, /vg/-/sp/, was a memefest on behalf of /vg/, while /sp/ mostly >actually tried to get 9 points; they succeeded in doing so, taking /vg/ on a trip to Spain as TSUUUUUUUUUU and Le Cut Inside Man padded their stats. The knockout draw put /vg/ together with shitposting brothers /b/, who had come off 9 point master race status and two straight clean sheets; #REKT looked to be continuing /b/'s top-notch form scoring the first goal, but Napoopan quickly fought back and scored. Trolled 2 Death lived up to his name before the half, scoring a second for /b/, but Snaketits scored an incredible late-half equalizer to make it 2–2 against the half. A typically sleepy second half followed, but while the match looked to be going to extra time, /vg/ were given a free kick, which Napoopan nailed into the net. /vg/ sealed a 3–2 victory as a result. The quarterfinals were a mini-Vidya Bowl with /vg/ and /vr/, but a /vg/ defense still exhausted from getting this far didn't show up to the match until past the 60th minute (at which point it was 1–3 despite Git Gud gitting gud); the new keeper subbed in and Git Gud's second goal of the day proved too little, too late. /vg/ still achieved more than most had hoped for out of Autumn, and looked to re-establish themselves as an elite power in the 2017 4chan Winter Cup.

Pre-2017 4chan Winter Cup

The /vg/ League 7 occurred just before the Winter Cup; /ddg/ and their hungry dragon were the victors, while /xcg/'s big fat snek tats (again) took second and /hsg/'s WIIIIIIINDS took third. Longtime favorites such as Purple Heart and Maus were knocked off the roster, and in their place came fresh faces. The new /vg/ saw its first action in the 2017 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies with a 3–1 win over /his/ and a 1–2 loss to /toy/.

2017 4chan Winter Cup

/vg/ were drawn into Group E with robotic powerhouses /m/ and /r9k/ (both of whom had beaten /vg/, in /m/'s case twice in a row, before) as well as the perpetually yo-yoing anime papes of /w/. Their first match back in the elites was against /m/, an old friend coming off a third place finish the cup before and whose influence on /vg/ could obviously be felt. The match itself was a dominant performance from /vg/, as /m/ struggled to find any semblance of footing (although they did have two shots hit the trollpost) while /vg/'s new gold Grigori ate up /m/'s defense and put two goals past Godmars for a 2–0 win. /vg/'s next opponent was commissioner's favorite /w/, a team who always struggled to find the success of their older brother. The first half was slow and defensive, with neither team able to find any opportunity to break through and open the match up and the halftime score being 0–0. However, Grigori continued carrying /vg/ and scored immediately after the second half opened; /vg/ continued to dominate until late in the match when /w/'s 77 winger Current scored an equalizer at the 88th minute. Miss Monochrome scored what appeared to be a winner for /w/, but Git Gud's prematch threats of backstabbing the referee kept him from giving /w/ the win, the goal was ruled offside, and the match settled as a 1–1 draw. Although /vg/ were at the top of their group through two matches, they could still have potentially been relegated if they had lost by enough. However, /vg/ and their final opponent, the infamously scared /r9k/, calmed down any worries about their position; although /r9k/ had some sieges early, they found as many goals as they have girlfriends, while /vg/ struggled to get much of an attack going themselves. A terrible match that ended 0–0 relegated /r9k/ and secured /vg/'s advancement and elite status for the first time in two and a half years. ANOTHER low-tempo draw directly afterwards secured /vg/ the top spot of the group.

/vg/'s first opponent in the knockout stage was fellow vidya board /vr/; both had previously met in the last cup, with /vr/ taking a 3–2 victory. An extra-pissed Kirby started off the match with a bang, putting in the fastest goal of the cup for /vr/. However, /vg/ bounced back very quickly; absent for nearly all of the tournament up to the point, High Impact Sexual Violence finally scored a goal at the 16th minute, before Snaketits scored a second with the help of /vr/'s Solid Snake betraying his own team's defense. Despite /vr/'s attempts to get back into the match, /vg/ kept on ticking, holding off some heart-stopping /vr/ attacks while remaining solid offensively. /vg/'s 2–1 win put them into the final day, against a strong (tactically and physically) /fit/. In their worst performance of the cup, /vg/'s defense spilled spaghetti and lost themselves throughout as Scooby and Zyzz baffled a clearly worse /vg/. By the 70th minute it was 2–0, and /vg/ were absolutely hopeless despite many attempts to find a way. /fit/'s third at the 89th minute put all hope of /vg/ getting into the match away, before Git Gud decided to git gud at the absolute worst possible time, drawing a penalty deep in stoppage which he sank. It wasn't much consolation, as /vg/ remained the lowest placing team of the top eight.

But at least /vg/ didn't play in a fucking Spring Babby for once.

Pre-2017 4chan Summer Cup

Immediately after Winter 2017, a former /vp/ manager joined /vg/ management.

The /vg/ League 8 took place before the Summer Cup; with defending champion /ddg/ ded, veteran /llsifg/'s idols took first place and the second gold, while relative newcomer /lzg/ took second and /gsg/, one of the oldest participants, finally overcame their knockout woes and claimed third. Of note was /twg/ failing to win a match and thus being left off the /vg/ roster for the first time since Autumn 2012.

2017 4chan Summer Cup

/vg/ were drawn into Group B with their eternal rivals, the white whale of their past, and a team they haven't played since 2014. The first match of the Summer Cup was against /tv/; /tv/ had beaten /vg/ twice in their early history, although technically /vg/ "won" both matches 1–3. A very end-to-end affair with each team having heavily threatening chances, the match did not see its first goal until the 36th minute, when Git Gud got gud and ended his scoring drought with a header. Just five minutes later, /tv/'s equalizer came, a result of Real Human Being and Brendan Fraser making /vg/'s defense look foolish. The match stagnated from there on, /tv/ seeming slightly more threatening on offense but unable to do anything in the final third, until the 80th minute. Wilhelm II converted an Umbrella corner into a goal and waggled his willy for a whole ten minutes as he ended up scoring the winning goal in a 2–1 match. From here the situation going into the /v/ match was simple; win and remain elite (not to mention six months of being able to brag about /vg/ beating their biggest rival). Unfortunately, /v/ scored a goal within 12 minutes courtesy of that fucking Scuttlebug and had many more chances to take the win themselves. /vg/'s defense somehow managed to hold the fort, while Git Gud stayed gud and equalized at the 68th minute. Fun was strictly disallowed and the end result was 1–1, the first draw in the (official match) history of the Vidya Bowl. This meant that /vg/ needed to not lose to advance, something they have historically had some trouble doing on the final day. It fucking happened again. Lolicatgirls scored a meme header in 2 minutes, and despite Smug Redman finally scoring, Xiao Mei Mei got /f/ a second at the 33rd minute. /vg/ had a few chances to get the draw and stay elite, but Bourbon House kept them out and allowed /f/ to (successfully) park the bus late. /vg/ lost 1–2, relegated with their rivals by a single goal. As such, the same roster from Summer will be back in the Autumn Babby Cup.

2017 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

Back in the Babbies for the first time in a year, /vg/ were expected by many to easily get back up and the group draw only served to bolster these claims as they were drawn with not one, not two, but THREE teams even more notorious for choking, two of which /vg/ had officially played before (one of the matches having resulted in a rare pre-2016 goalfest, won by /vg/, and another resulting in the only point of /vg/'s worst ever performance). However, /vg/ got off to a dreadful start; against a completely stagnant /soc/, they failed to score a goal for the first time since Winter 2017 and only the third time in the past two years, without even a decent amount of shots to cry PES with, while conceding one early goal to Vocaroo and taking a 0–1 loss in their first match. The next match wasn't much better. /vg/'s offensive struggles continued, as they only put up two shots. When WORSHIP fouled /co/'s lord/lead striker Doom late, /vg/ appeared to be on the fast track to being one of the first teams eliminated from Autumn. However, in a complete miracle of PES, Doom missed the ensuing penalty, the match ended 0–0 (the first slurper of the tournament!) and /vg/ still had a small chance of advancing. The small chance became a legitimate one when /co/'s next act ended; a 6–1 destruction of /soc/ meant that be it /k/ or /vg/, the winner of the next match would see themselves headed for the Autumn knockouts and more importantly, Winter. /vg/ got off to a terrible start against /k/, conceding two goals within 35 minutes. Only 5 minutes later, Git Gud scored, and /vg/ were back in the match. Although /vg/ had many good attempts throughout the second half as momentum seemed to shift exclusively towards their side, none of them went in, and although by full time the stats actually were enough for some to cry PES, it didn't matter. With this 1–2 loss combined with the horrors of the first two matches, /vg/ found themselves eliminated by a likable team on the final day of the group stages for the second time in a row, headed towards the return of the MEGABABBY thanks in large part to the offensive failures of a medal setup maligned as potentially the worst in /vg/ history.

Pre-2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup

Shortly after the Autumn Babby, /vg/ management saw shakeups thanks to retirements and new people getting verified. The /vg/ League 9 occurred, with the defending champions and one of the last standing /vg/ League Elites being among the generals forcibly removed from the roster. /aog/ won the VGL9, /gsg/ took second place, /vitagen/ took third, and /hsg/ (who are getting a bronze rather than the starting keeper spot due to the new medal system, although this was not reflected in the 2018 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies) took fourth. The new roster saw initial action in the unofficial 2018 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies, where it ripped apart both opponents it played (the first 5–1, the second 5–2). Probably due to streamer rigging, in both cases. But who cares when you won two straight?

2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup

The Megababby returned, and with its return /vg/ avoided a Fetus. The group stage draw looked to be pretty good for /vg/ from the start, as they were drawn with /sp/ and three small markets in Group F. The first opponent was a stagnant /wsg/; /vg/ actually conceded the first goal all of seven minutes in, but that was quickly washed away in a sea of >Greg. Spaghetti was the name of the game, and Al-Akir added two goals to Greg's hat-trick while Grigori saved half of /wsg/'s 16 (sixteen) shots in his return to goalkeeping for a 5–2 win. Next up was /i/, a chance to wash away some demons of the past. While >Greg lived up to his name, still-silver Wilhelm II blooted in an early goal for /vg/ to win the match 1–0. With this position, /vg/ went into their third match against /p/ (who also won their first two matches before drawing /i/) needing a win to not only promote, but also top the group, while /p/ needed a point to advance themselves. The first half went entirely /p/'s way, before /vg/ counterattacks proved deadly as both silvers and a Cute Anime Girl won /vg/ the match (and the group) 3–1. Already promoted, /vg/ had pressure put on them by, among others, /a/ fans. /vg/ didn't give a fuck, however, resting Al-Akir (already booked) and eventually Willy (booked during the match) and conceding two to /sp/ in 20 minutes. Although >Greg continued to not be retarded and attempted to salvage the match, it was not to be; /vg/ lost 1–2, /sp/ promoted, and /p/ fucking choked (but not enough to keep them out of Summer).

The knockout draw got /vg/ some more rematches, starting with /r9k/ (whose most recent match against /vg/ is best not mentioned). The Windlord returned and blooted a goal in off a /r9k/ defender within 6 minutes, while the Elliot Rodger-led spaghetti masters ensured /vg/ would take an easy 1–0 win by constantly choking easy shots. This meant that /vg/ would play a resurgent /ck/ (a team they previously beat in a knockout match) to start the final day. Git Gud, who as usual had almost completely failed to do anything up to this point, actually got gud and scored the first goal in a sleepy first half. The match woke right the fuck up in the second half, with /ck/'s dangerous long-ball attack allowing them to make the match 2–2 two thirds of the way in (Willies were waggled in between /ck/ goals). Waifus saved /vg/ with a 74th minute goal and saw them through to their first semifinals in nearly 4 years against /e/ (another familiar foe). Unfortunately, /vg/ weren't nearly as good here, as the eventual cup winners totally dominated the match and handed /vg/ an 0–2 loss. The third place match against /fit/ (who destroyed /vg/ on their way to a 2nd star) was a total meme; /fit/ gave zero fucks, playing half their team out of position, and as a result, four /vg/ players (including Git Gud and Grigori, the latter playing his last ever /vg/ match) scored goals. /vg/ won the most prestigious of all trophies with a 4–0 result, confirming their best ever run since 2014.

Pre-2018 4chan Summer Cup

The /vg/ League X occurred, marking the not-quite-5th year of the /vg/ League. Both silvers ended up among the 11 players from Spring forcibly booted off the roster, while /vrg/ won their first ever /vg/ League and got the gold medal spot on Summer /vg/. /fgg/ obtained second place and got a silver spot along with demoted meta player Git Gud, while /drg/ and /mbg/ (3rd and 4th respectively) got bronze spots.

2018 4chan Summer Cup

Thanks to /vg/'s incredible showing in Spring, they had something very unfamiliar going into Summer: actual expectations. Little did anyone know of the ride they were about to be taken on. The group stage draw pitted /vg/ against old foes in /k/, who started their redemption arc with a win over /vg/ just three short cups ago, and /toy/, who started their cup winning run by coming back from 2 down against /vg/. It also got /vg/ a first time match against recently-revived /gif/, who along with /vg/ were one of the first teams to promote from Spring. The opener was against /k/, and despite /vg/ fielding highly unorthodox tactics it was a slurpfest for 70 minutes. Then something happened. Playing her first match ever, new gold Unity-chan got sent off. /vg/ had to hold on with 10 men for 20 more minutes; it seemed like they would until one of /k/'s own scored a Cheeki Breeki winner at the death. Safe to say, almost any expectations for /vg/ immediately dampened to nothing. As a result of lacking a gold medal who was not >Git Gud to lead the attack, /vg/ parked the bus and then some against /gif/. It worked pretty well, even to the point of scoring the opening goal as the Best Melty Player In Italy slammed down a header. Outside of that moment, /gif/ took shot after shot at the /vg/ net but only one went in as Jannu went incredibly fast, near singlehandedly getting /vg/ a crucial point. /vg/ were still far from the knockouts, though: they needed to beat /toy/ and, provided the win was by just one, pray for one of /gif/ or /k/ to carry them through. Finally at full power, /vg/ responded to their situation by scoring two goals within 30 minutes (courtesy of I Love Junko! and Git Gud). Unfortunately, Madoka Titus scored a goal immediately after Git Gud's and the match was effectively killed off afterwards. /vg/ won, but they still needed help. The match immediately afterwards, /gif/-/k/, was something out of PES16; both teams' defenses failed to show up while their offenses traded blows for two thirds of the match. Obviously, this was not good for /vg/. In fact, they were all of five minutes away from being relegated on goals scored. But then, /k/ gave the mother of all gifts in return for the multiple /vg/ gave them. Moist Nugget and Zergface scored two goals in the closing minutes of the match, giving /k/ the margin needed to ensure they took /vg/ with them into the knockouts. (The final goal ended up being a /gif/ consolation but it didn't fucking matter.)

Despite >PES doing its best to end /vg/'s run in three matches, they were in the knockouts. Sure, they were statistically the worst team to advance, but what did that matter? Drawn against /n/ (who officially put /vg/ out of their misery back in Spring 2015) for the Round of 16, /vg/ started their greatest mission yet. Like the group stage, the Round of 16 match was very defensive as both teams cancelled each other out for well over two thirds of match time. However, one team could shoot on target, and it wasn't /n/. Making up for her earlier red card, Unity-chan scored the ultimately winning goal for /vg/, sending them to their first quarterfinal since Winter 2017. The quarterfinals match against /jp/ saw Unity-chan continue in top form by opening up the scoring in all of 9 minutes, before /jp/ put up 2 to take the lead at the 23rd minute. Said lead didn't last long thanks to the Best Melty Player In Italy scoring an equalizer to make it a 2-2 match exactly 30 minutes in, and from there /jp/ had almost no answer to /vg/'s counterattacks as Unity-chan secured a hat trick before the first half ended and got her fourth twelve minutes after the break. /jp/ attempted to claw back from this 5-2 deficit with Japanese Bird cooking up a kickoff abuse goal, but it didn't work. Git Gud added insult to injury just before stoppage time began as /vg/ won by an incredible score of 6-3. The semifinal matchup against /int/ was relatively quiet, but Unity-chan still scored twice while /vg/'s defense completely shut /int/ down. With the 2-0 victory, /vg/ found themselves in their first ever final, one match away from glory. Their opponent was quite familiar; /sp/, the very same team that depended on /vg/ letting their guard down to get to Summer in the first place. Now, /sp/ were searching for their third* second star as an entire board prepared to celebrate in the way only /sp/arta can. One problem: /vg/ were playing /sp/ in a real match, and the latter were caught totally off guard. Before 30 minutes had passed, the final was all but over. Unity-chan opened up scoring in 3 (three) minutes, Git Gud got gud ten minutes later as a result of Tony Kornheiser giving up, and the Best Melty Player In Italy put a third in at the 25th minute. The /sp/artans made many attempts to summon the meme magic of Istanbul, but all they got was a 63rd minute wave of TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. /vg/ won the final 3-1, capping off a run that just two weeks prior seemed absolutely impossible.

Unity-chan's ridiculous knockout stage form saw her tied with /tg/'s legendary Doomrider for the Golden Boot, having scored 8 goals. Despite failing to even get 20 total saves courtesy of her lone bad performance against /jp/, Jannu got much-deserved recognition for saving /vg/ often throughout the cup and ended up 4th in the overall Golden Glove ranking at 18 saves. Animation Not Final, despite barely playing, received recognition for his incredibly meme proof of concept model as it was voted the best model of the tournament. Most importantly, /vg/ became the first vidya board to ever win any cup while big brother /v/ could only watch from the stands.

Pre-2019 4chan Winter Cup

The /vg/ League 11 occurred, marking the actual 5th year of the /vg/ League. As usual, there was massive roster churn, including two medals being booted off the roster. In their place, some new faces got their first ever spot on the /vg/ roster, with one of them taking a bronze spot getting the starting goalkeeper spot. Champions /dbg/ took the new (second) gold spot, /fgog/ received the second silver spot, and /civ4xg/ got the second bronze silver spot.

Oh, and /vg/ management got another former /vp/ manager to replace the guy who became the goddamn Commissioner.

2019 4chan Winter Cup

By Winter, high expectations had become familiar for /vg/. An incredible two-cup stretch left all but one question answered: How can they follow it up? Throwing a wrench into things was the fact that for the Winter Cup, the notoriously goal-happy PES 2016 was used. Hosting the Winter Cup, /vg/ were drawn with at-the-time Nuevo Elites /bant/, fellow /v/ spinoff and 2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Third Place Trophy winner /vp/, and longtime joke of the Cup /biz/. The opening match of the cup was against /vp/; despite PES 16's penchant for extreme goalscoring and /vg/ playing in the wrong stadium, the match was rather tame thanks to /vp/ running an extremely defensive formation for the first half. Despite /vp/'s tactics, new gold Gogeta and silver Stalin each scored once in the first half to give /vg/ a 2–0 lead, one they would coast on for the second half in a 2–1 victory. With the proper stadium actually there this time, the newfags of /bant/ were next up, fielding incredibly unorthodox tactics. In fact, /bant/ scored first within 24 minutes of the match. This was all they would get, as Gogeta quickly proved his worth with a hat trick and even Git Gud got gud long enough to score a brace. The final result was 5–1 in favor of /vg/; thanks to a massive comeback by /vp/ in the following match, /vg/ were not only the first team through to the knockouts, but were also well positioned to carry another vidya board into the knockouts with them. /vp/ easily defeated /bant/ on the group's final matchday to hand them the Wooden Spoon, but their result left /vg/ needing to win by two. /vg/ didn't even win, losing 0–3 to /biz/ and losing top of the group along with it.

As a result of not topping the group, the knockout draw gave /vg/ quite the challenge. Up first was /his/, a 9-Point Master Race team with what was up to that point the best defensive record in the entire cup, and it didn't seem to get much better from there with potential matchups against teams like /mlp/, /u/, and maybe even /gd/ awaiting should /vg/ make it past the Round of 16. Fortunately, at least for the Round of 16, history was on /vg/'s side. The team had lost a grand total of zero Round of 16 matches, and this one was no different. Stalin treated /his/' defense like he had the Ukrainians, destroying them while the /vg/ defense kept /his/' attack almost completely away from the net. Although /his/ did score a late consolation, it wasn't enough and /vg/ won 2–1. This set up a terrifying quarterfinal matchup against the one and only /mlp/. What followed was one of the most utterly batshit insane matches in the history of the entire Cup. It took all of eight minutes for someone to score first, and that someone was Gogeta, a man who by now had earned the nickname of "smug blue cunt". By the end of the first half, /vg/ were up 3–2 thanks to two goals by their smug blue cunt and ridiculous spaghetti on behalf of Derpy Hooves canceling out a Doctor Jewgle own goal just five minutes prior. /mlp/, being their usual selves, took total control of the second half and made the match 3–4 to them with just seven minutes to go. In the worst situation they had been in all cup, the smug blue cunt did his best impersonation of the other side's gold striker and scored a 90th minute goal to take an already crazy match 30 minutes further. Git Gud took over from there, now having got gud enough to score two more goals, but /mlp/ responded quickly each time. Benuldies, something /mlp/ are very good at, ensued. All four of /vg/'s medals sunk their shots, with only Princess Twilight missing for /mlp/. Connection Lost sunk a fifth benuldy for /vg/, putting an end to some of the most insane virtual divegrass ever seen and improbably sending /vg/ through to the semifinals. Once all was said and done, however, /vg/ were spent. Up next were /gd/, a team that had finally broken a long-standing quarterfinal curse, and they were out for blood. After one half of play, /vg/ were down 1–3. /vg/ immediately came storming back to pull the match even, but /gd/ scored three more in the final ten minutes of the match. /vg/ lost 3–6, guaranteeing that they would not get a second star out of this cup. /s4s/ awaited in the third place match, and they came out of the gate immediately by scoring two before 20 minutes passed. Gogeta got one back for /vg/ nearly immediately before he and APEX (who had also scored to get /vg/ back into their semifinal match) made it 3–2 to /vg/ at 80 minutes. Unfortunately, /s4s/ equalized at the 83rd minute before an incredible blooter from their Nice Grill won them the Third Place Trophy.

Although the ending was nowhere near as satisfying as the prior Elite Cup, /vg/ walked away from Winter having made their third straight trip to the semifinals, a streak only matched* by the /sp/ of days long gone. Despite conceding a ridiculous SIXTEEN goals on the final day, Sleepo Beepo took a portion of the Golden Glove with 16 saves.

Pre-2019 4chan Summer Cup

By God, they did it again!
In addition, /vg/ League veterans /nepgen/ returned to the /vg/ roster for the first time in a year with their best performance ever and autopilot memesters /digi/ secured the second silver with their own best performance ever. /twg/ got 4th, which would matter if the cup was still using GSSBB. But it isn't. They did score a lot so I guess that counts for something.

2019 4chan Summer Cup

This Summer Cup brought with it the usage of a >new PES: PES 2018. Although many complaints were risen and general reception of the game after its first run in Spring was poor, 4CC leadership went ahead with the decision to use it for a second cup. Given that it's /vg/, you can probably guess how >we reacted to this news.

As for the actual cup itself, /vg/ were drawn into Group B with three teams with (recent) histories of mediocrity: /g/, whose best moment happened four fucking years ago, familiar foes /h/, a team cursed with the presence of Rance thanks to their glorified proxy being a laughingstock in the /vg/ League, and /lit/, a team that couldn't even properly qualify for Summer. First up was the /h/ match, against the team generally thought to be most competitive with /vg/. It was actually /h/ who scored first, thanks to a Liru corner header, but the Smug Blue Cunt and Git Gud didn't waste much time making it 2–1 /vg/ at halftime. /h/ scored an equalizer not long into the second half and a match /vg/ should have won ended in an unsatisfying 2–2 draw. Next up, /g/. /vg/ needed a win and were absolutely determined to win no matter what, with Gogeta scoring once in each half to make sure it would succeed. The ghost of Terry A. Davis scored for /g/ at the end of the match but it was little more than consolation as /vg/ won 2–1. The match immediately after was a blowout so bad it caused the stream to temporarily crash, 5–0 to /h/ over /lit/; this combined with the same team defeating /g/ 3–1 in memoriam of the "dead" Sad Panda meant that all /vg/ had to do to advance was not lose by three. To /lit/. Thankfully, the exact opposite happened; /lit/ were every bit as trash as they were against /h/, something capitalized on by Gogeta twice and Git Gud once. /vg/ won 3–0 and with that were through to the knockout stages.

/h/'s blowout allowed them to top the group, leaving /vg/'s Round of 16 matchup to a rigger's hat. The hat gave /wg/, a team that had twice smacked /vg/ around in important matches. This time, though, it was /vg/'s turn. For over eighty minutes, neither team was able to find anything to separate themselves from the other; /vg/'s buildup play was screwed over by >Etemon and /wg/'s by a Cunt Destroyer whose goalscoring prowess was seemingly stuck in PES16. And then, it happened. /vg/ actually threw. Longtime /hsg/ representative Al-Akir, returning to /vg/ after a one-cup break in Winter, met a cross with his head and put it in the back of the net. His own team's net. Just like that, /vg/ were once again foiled by /wg/. It marked the first time they had made a Round of 16 and been eliminated there, with the overall finish being 15th place.

Once the cup concluded, the guy who seemingly started the transformation of /vg/ left management and was quickly replaced by new blood from /rsg/.

Pre-2020 4chan Winter Cup

The /vg/ League 13 happened. For some reason they played it on PES16. Revived and autopilot /lzg/ won the tournament, a year and a half after losing their first final, while /drg/ and /vrg/ bounced back from losing their Elite status the previous /vg/ League by taking second and third place respectively. /vg/ also signed up for the Test Cup V 19 to act as a guinea pig for a "new" PES; however, due to its deadlines clashing with the /vg/ League dates, the only roster change made for the Test Cup was the temporary promotion of fan favorite nigger lol to gold.