The logo competition for the 2021 4chan Winter Cup is now taking submissions.
The deadline is January 15th, 23:59 UTC. Logos will be placed in this gallery like has been done previously to facilitate discussion. This will be followed by a week long polling period to determine which logo will be used. Please make sure you submit both a qualifier version and a normal version. Please send all submissions to Potatotron. You must supply a high-res PNG file and the original multi-layer source file.
Cloverleaf logo: .png .svg

Cloverball logo: .ai .png .svg

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Welcome to >implying rigged!
>implying rigged is the community hub and information center of the 4chan Cup, a series of simulated soccer tournaments played on games from the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Since 2011 the boards of 4chan have competed on the field for the unrivaled honor of being crowned champions. Elite tournaments are held in Summer and Winter. Spring and Autumn play host to the Babby Cups—qualification tournaments where teams play for the right to compete at Elite level.
52 boards have competing teams in the 4chan Cup.
For more information on a team click an icon or for quick reference visit the list of teams.
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Upcoming Tournament
? logo.png
2021 4chan Winter Cup
January 29–31, February 5–7, 13–14
Competitors: 32
Cup holders: /pol/
Reigning Elite champions: /u/
Reigning Babby champions: /o/
2020 4chan Winter Cup Aesthetic Deadline

Getting started


The game



1. U icon.png /u/ 2217pts Increase.png 1 6. Sp icon.png /sp/ 1505pts Decrease2.png 1 11. M icon.png /m/ 1215pts Decrease2.png 4
2. Out icon.png /out/ 2144pts Decrease2.png 1 7. Pol icon.png /pol/ 1441pts Increase.png 4 12. I icon.png /i/ 1148pts Increase.png 2
3. Fa icon.png /fa/ 2058pts Increase.png 7 8. His icon.png /his/ 1440pts Decrease2.png 1 13. Adv icon.png /adv/ 1136pts Decrease2.png 2
4. Diy icon.png /diy/ 2042pts Decrease2.png 1 9. Cm icon.png /cm/ 1406pts Steady.png 14. Vg icon.png /vg/ 1039pts Increase.png 4
5. C icon.png /c/ 1923pts Decrease2.png 1 10. Biz icon.png /biz/ 1386pts Decrease2.png 2 15. D icon.png /d/ 1011pts Increase.png 1
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