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Hello there, i'm AviationRigger !!Jon8cx4b8Yu, watching the cup since Spring 17 and hooked ever since, also keen on the history of the cup, making projects in the spirit of rigging and also being a wiki autist, so have a look at what I have to offer or don't, up to you really.


Discord: AviationRigger#5139


Since I'm a historyfag for the cup, I have several cup-related projects that I spontaneously wanted to make and actually started doing it. Hell, I woke up this morning and decided "yes, let's make a user page".


Fsx icon.png /fsx/ is my invitational team, it is the main reason why I made this account since aviation is my main interest and Flight Simulator X is one of my favourite games so why not give them a memeball team? I'm sure they can fly across the pitch, although I'm hoping that they won't fly as bad as Boeing's most recent endeavours.

The Redux Series

The Redux Series is a series that focuses on the rerunning of former 4chan Cup tournaments before Dragongate by using the same PES versions, same formats, same everything... Until the cup grows lore of itself, the Redux Series tournaments evolve around the happenings in the tournaments in a butterfly effect.

Summer 11 remake patch

Very little is known about the first ever 4chan Cup, but I decided to make a patch to replicate the original cup and learn about its creation along the way, this lead me to discover things like the squad numbers and how the cup was actually made, although I do hope that people who were in the cup around that time would chime in on any improvements I could do, I think I did the best I could with the little information available. When the mod was finished, the 8 Years of Rigging tournament was hosted to celebrate the 8 year anniversary of the 4chan Cup.

Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Patch: V2 Download

These were matches I did while testing for the 8 Years of Rigging tournament, red conditions and 10 minute matches.

9 August 2019 /sp/ Sp icon.png 3–2 A icon.png /a/

Shaft Scored 48'
George Costanza Goal 88'
John Madden Goal 90+'
Goal 57' Shaft
Goal 81' Cowboy Bebop
Estádio José Alvalade
Video: YouTube (Highlights)

11 August 2019 /ck/ Ck icon.png 4–1 A icon.png /a/

Nachos Goal 3'6'61'
Forcaccia Goal 89'
Goal 46' Gorespammer KONAMI Stadium
Video: YouTube

16 August 2019 /sp/ Sp icon.png 3–2 Int icon.png /int/

George Costanza Goal 5'
Based God Goal 72'
Lecrab Goal 82'
Goal 12' Netherlands
Goal 46' Spain
Estádio José Alvalade
Video: Twitch

Football Manager 4chan Cup Mod

Now this is my biggest project yet. Originally starting in FM18 shortly after Winter 19, I'm porting all teams that have entered the 4chan Cup into Football Manager, that means 1472 players in 64 teams and 58 stadiums and it comes with the logos, 2D kits, stadium icons, playerfaces and 3D kits for all of those teams. Why? Aut- Why not?

Game: Football Manager 2018 onwards (might be released on Steam for Football Manager 2020)
Base: [ FM18] & [ FM20]
Logos: [ Download]
Stadiums and Trophies: [ Download]
Facepack: [ Download]
2D Kits: [ Download]
3D Kits: [ Download]

Graphics All-In-One Pack: [ Download]

I originally started working on the mod right after Winter 19 when I settled on the 32 team League system back in December 2018, meaning that the Elite teams are in their Winter 19 finishing orders while the Babbies are in alphabetical order, all teams are from the nation of Kekistan, replacing Gibraltar and the nation was changed wholesale from cities to currency to completely wipe Russia from the records and allowing Kekistan to write its own history. As for squads I just the latest squads as of August-September 2019 (so before Autumn) with the exception of /vg/ who had an "All-Star" team since the /vg/ League isn't in the mod and even if it was, promotion into /vg/ wouldn't be possible.

Tournaments Hosted

4chan Cup Archives

Old Man Sou's PES13 Pack.rar (15/8/2018)
GermanBro's (11/8/2019)