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New Managers

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This article is still under construction

This page is intended for people who are interested in managing a 4chan Cup team, have just become a manager or want to be a tester. Over the years the manager job has become a whole lot more stressful because of all their new tasks. This page will try to help you become familiar with most of the aspects of managing. This page is divided into several sections, each explaining a part of the process of becoming a manager. The first section will try to explain all the requirements before managing a team. The second section will then guide you through the actual becoming a manager process. The next section will explain what your new tasks are as a manager. The section thereafter will try to help you become familiar with everything technical and tactical. The fifth section will give you some tips on recruiting co-managers and testers for your team. The second last section will guide you through the basics of (making) aesthetics. The last section will contain information only relevant to people who wish to become a manager for a team.

Before you sign up to be a manager

First of all make sure the team you want to manage currently has no manager aka a dead team. If a board already has a manager you can still try to Contact him and see if you can help by either becoming a co-manager or a tester. While you could basically manage any team that is considered dead it is advised to only try to manage a team of board that you frequently visit. Managing a team of a board that you do not or barely browse is called 'mercing' and is usually frowned upon.

The next thing you should keep in mind that managing can take a lot of your free time. But while you might have a lot of free time, make sure it's free at the right time too. A good rule of thumb is that you have to be at least available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 3 or 4 weeks in a row 4 times per year to manage. More time is probably required to test, make exports and communicate with your board.

While PES2017's system requirements are not that harsh and any PC that is at least 5 years old should be able to run it, it is a good idea to first make sure you can actually run the game. Just visit Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/Installation and follow the steps there to install the game. While being able to run the game is not a requirement, relying on other people to do all the ingame PES2017 stuff for you and not testing at all is usually not the very best idea.

Another tip before becoming a manager is not to use any of your personal contact info for anything related to the cup. Just make a quick new fake email at Gmail to use for the Wiki as well as making a new separate Skype account.

Signing up as a manager

To sign up to manage or co-manage a team, you have to be verified. This is a process that has to be done manually by cup staff. At a minimum you need to join IRC, have a secure (##) tripcode ready for 4chan use, and have an account on this wiki. You may also be asked to participate in a short Skype voice chat before you can be fully verified. Keep in mind verifications are not done during a cup, you can only get verified again after the whole cup has ended.

Do not forget to list yourself as the IRL manager on the team's wikipage afterwards and to add your contact info on the Contact page so people interested in helping you can easily contact you.

Another requirement is to 'watch' the News page ( Template:News ) by clicking the star at the top right so it will turn blue. This means you will get an email every time the News page is edited/updated (only when your preferences (top right) are set up correctly). This way you don't have to check the IRC, thread or wiki every single day without missing any new information. Just make sure to check your cup email regularly.

Your new duties as a manager

As the manager, you should represent the wishes of your board in all things you're able. The role of the manager is to organize the team of the board they represent. While such things as player names, kit stylings, and so forth is generally decided by the board the team is associated with, it's the task of the manager to bring it all together for the host (creating the correct PES files and delivering them to the 4CCC, within the corresponding rules and deadlines). In addition, the manager is responsible for the tactics and playstyle of the team. This means not only putting together legal formations of their choice, but also being active and available on match days. Note that live managing is not a requirement, but it's generally advantageous to be able to react to the events of the match directly.

Please read the Rules section for details on what regulations apply to management, which are applicable for general behaviour, in creating relevant files and legal actions on match days.

The technical and tactical part of the game

At this point you should install PES2017 if you had not already done so. You can find instructions on how to install the game here: Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017/Installation. The meat of management is figuring out a tactic within PES that works for your team. There are many variables that can influence the playstyle and performance of your team, such as player heights, player cards, formation, team tactics, and so forth. More information on the tactical part of PES2017 can be found on this page: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/Tactical. All things relevant to the outcome of the game are decided within PES itself - no outside forces are taken into account. This means that all you will need to create the playstyle of your choice is an installation of PES2017.


More coming soon.

Basics of aesthetics

Aesthetics are the things that make the 4chan Cup The 4chan Cup. Over the years with the new releases of different PES versions this has become quite complex and might be very hard to grasp in the beginning. This section will guide you through the very basics of aesthetics. As soon as you have become slightly more familiar with aesthetics it should not take too long before you are able to understand more complex aesthetics.

When you've become the manager of a previously dead team there is a chance that the team already has some aesthetics. While there are quite a few things that can be customized about and for your team the most basic thing that each team requires are custom kits. In the case the team has no kits or you just want new kits for the team it is advised to read the Kits page. This page will explain to you how kits are made for PES2017 and how they work. All PES2017 aesthetics you want to test have to be put into the container that the game can read. This page will help you with that.

The second most basic thing for a team are the players' faces and hair models. This part is a bit harder than the player kits. For more information on faces in PES2017 please read Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/Faces. This page contains a section explaining the Generic 4cc head. This face is a lot easier to understand and modify with no need to install Blender, a free open-source 3D modelling program. Considering this a relatively hard thing to do you can usually ask other people to help you should you have some trouble.

After making kits and faces you should have gained some more knowledge to make other aesthetics as well. For more information please read all the respective pages on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 in the menu to the right.

The last important thing regarding aesthetics is the Aesthetics Export Template. This is the format used for delivering aesthetics for use in an upcoming cup. For more information on this please read the Aesthetics Export page. Failure to properly send in aesthetics can result in them not being used for a cup.