2012 4chan Summer Cup

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2012 4chan Summer Cup
2012 Summer Cup logo.png
Tournament details
Host board K icon.png /k/
Dates 13–15, 20–21 July (5 days)
Teams 24
Final positions
Champion Sp icon.png /sp/
Runner-up Int icon.png /int/
Third M icon.png /m/
Fourth Toy icon.png /toy/
Tournament statistics
Matches 48
Goals scored 185 (3.85 per match)
Top scorer(s) Int icon.png Putin (12)
Top assister(s) M icon.png Alteisen (6)
Golden Glove N/A
Best player N/A
Yellow cards 19 (0.4 per match)
Red cards 1 (0.02 per match)

2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup
2012 4chan Summer Cup
2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

The 2012 4chan Summer Cup was the fourth official 4chan Cup tournament, and the second edition of the Summer Cup. It was hosted by /k/ as winners of the previous top-tier competition.

The tournament lasted from July 13–15, and from July 20–July 21, 2012. The tournament featured an unprecedented 24 teams, which were split into six groups of four, with the top two of each group advancing to a 12-team knockout stage. For the first time, the poorest-performing teams would be relegated to Babby Cup level.

This was the debut top-tier tournament appearance for /3/, /d/, /n/, /pol/, /sci/, /toy/, and reigning Spring Babby Cup champions /m/. /b/, /fa/, /g/, /o/, /tv/ and /v/ were relegated to Babby Cup level for the first time.

The tournament was hosted by Germanbro, who streamed matches via the Livestream page. This was the last Elite competition to use Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 as a platform.

The winner was /sp/, who defeated /int/ 4-0 in the final. /m/ emerged victorious over /toy/ to take third place. /int/'s Putin won the Golden Boot with an unmatched twelve goals.


The following 24 teams, shown with pre-tournament rankings, participated in the tournament.


The draw for the final tournament took place on June 10 at 2:00PM EDT. GermanBro wore a suit borrowed from his father and Kinder eggs toy capsules to determine the drawing, despite claims of RIGGING, the groups are now set in the order below.

The 24 finalists were divided into four seeding pots, using the most recent and up-to-date rankings, published on the morning of June 10, 2012.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4


2012 4chan Summer Cup squads (/3/-/k/)
2012 4chan Summer Cup squads (/m/-/x/)

Group Stage

Matchday 1

Highlights of the first round of matches in the group stage included the 3-3 draw between /ck/ and /jp/ at the start of the Cup, /sp/'s comeback from 3-1 down to win 4-3 against /d/, and /mu/ equalising at the death against /k/ to draw 3-3. Takumi scored /o/'s first goal in a competitive fixture, but they eventually conceded later on to draw 1-1 with /b/. /m/ appeared to carry their imperious Babby Cup form through to the Summer Cup with a 5-2 hammering of /pol/. Overall, fifty goals were scored in the first twelve matches, with only one goalless draw coming, between /x/ and /fa/. The stream broke the 2,500 viewers barrier for the first time on the opening matchday, breaking the previous record of ~2,000 viewers during the previous Winter Cup.

Matchday 2

The big "/co//ck/ fight" was a fierce battle that ended in /ck/'s favor when Nachos single-handedly led his team to victory with a hattrick over /co/. Meanwhile, the autists sided with /jp/ over the disgusting 3D pigdogs of /tv/, all but officially knocking /tv/ out of the cup with a 2-0 win. Later, /m/ and /a/'s match had an odd twist where /a/'s manager showed up to the locker room very, very drunk before the start of the game, making some weird decisions in the placement and tactics of his players. Despite this /a/ somehow managed to overcome a pair of near-consecutive goals by Gundam RX-78-2 and Yamakan finally SAVED ANIME with his winning goal.

Coming off of their embarassing defeat yesterday, /pol/ dug into their secret stash of jewgold and bribed /g/ to miss everything. Stallman, /g/'s goalie, refused to be bought off, but Click Clack made up for it by "accidentally" knocking the ball into his own goal before halftime, eventually giving /pol/ the win. The Bicyclists of /n/ continued to surprise everyone by existing, and fought the fashionably young /fa/scists to a 3-3 draw. Meanwhile, /x/ continued to struggle as /fit/'s TinyTrip once again scored his team's only goal, except this time they actually won 1-0.

All 10 /sci/fags in the stadium cried out in pain as /k/ riddled them with a 3-round burst of goals in the first 18 minutes. /sci/'s Bill Nye reportedly shouted "FUCK IT" and scored a hat trick by himself, scaring /k/ at the end of /k/'s 4-3 win. Nye is hoping to get traded to a team that actually has a chance at winning something.

/mu/ expressed that it's "too cool for, like, wins and losses mannnnnnnnnn." /int/'s Putin bitchslapped Bob Dylan at the start of the game for that sentiment, but Dylan turned the other cheek and the lord Jesus Christ granted him a penalty kick which ultimately let /mu/ tie and kept them in cup contention. During a post-game interview, when asked why he made this avoidable mistake, Putin motioned to one of his FSB agents and that was the last we ever saw of the interviewer.

Coming off their incredible comeback against /d/, the /sp/artans played a more balanced match and took a 1-0 victory over /b/, who is still largely unaware that they even have a team. However a tripfag is reportedly in talks to appoint himself /b/'s manager. Meanwhile, /d/ got a realatively smooth 1-0 victory over /o/. Our correspondent tried to get an interview with /o/'s keeper, but after snapping his fingers to get the player's attention, the Honda Civic suddenly screamed in fear for a whole minute while clenching its metallic buttocks tightly.

/tg/ rolled its way to a 3-0 victory over the ironically-named /3/ as /3/ became the second team to be completely goal-less in this cup so far (/x/ being the first). On the other side of the group, /toy/'s Woody put up a couple of goals and his face nearly scared the /v/ defense into coughing up a couple more. However, Gaben took a break from swimming in his piles of money to tie the game 2-2 and keep /v/'s cup hopes alive.

Matchday 3

This was the day where everything was rigged and no one was happy.

Some of the biggest shockers today came from Group A when /tv/ came out of fucking nowhere to a 4-1 victory against the heavily-favored /ck/. Despite losing 2-0 to /co/, /jp/s tiebreaker with /ck/ advanced them to the next round with /co/. /jp/'s coaching staff was too busy accusing GermanBro of money laundering to notice. GermanBro was unavailable for comment, as his "backup limousine" does not have its own internet connection.

Group B had its own issues when /a/'s defense crumpled under /pol/'s patented Blitzkrieg offense, losing 3-0 and knocking them out of cup contention. Accelerator responded in a post-game interview that it was the offense's fault for going drinking with Producer-san after the amazing victory against /m/ the day before, as star striker Gorespammer missed some very good chances. Gorespammer in turn accused the keeper of letting /pol/ score on him because Accelerator approved of /pol/'s genocidal tactics. Meanwhile, a crisis in /g/'s coaching staff led to some very panicked decisions against the forces of /m/, including the replacement of starting keeper Stallman and a poor attempt to mimic /pol/'s Blitzkrieg offense. These decisions only nailed /g/'s own coffin shut as /m/ and /pol/ advanced to the next round.

/x/'s match took a dark and mysterious turn when all the power in the stadium went out. When the stream came back up, the ball was mysteriously found in the back of /n/'s goal. Several fans and players claimed to have seen /x/ actually score the goal before play was halted, but no one believed them. After arguing about how to proceed, GermanBro ended up restarting the entire match. /x/ won the match 3-2 thanks to Lavender Town and Dead Bart trying to prove they could win without a rigged match. Our correspondent attempted to interview /x/'s manager after the game, but was later found curled up in a corner of the locker room, chewing on her fingernails, ripping out part of her hair and speaking in tongues in-between heavy sobs. The saved footage on livestream showed that Dead Bart had indeed scored a goal during the blackout, but only GermanBro was aware of it. The cause of the blackout is still unknown, but is widely attributed to the actions of the guest commentator for the match, known only as "/x/bro".

The /fa/ vs. /fit/ match ended in a scoreless tie. Someone got red-carded but ultimately no one cares because neither team advanced.

Before His People's match against /sci/, The Lord Jesus Christ of /mu/ released a statement saying, "these NERDS dare question My power? How about they SCIENCE themselves a goal first!" Even though /sci/ seemed destined to go down in flames, a couple of late goals by Thorium and Bill Nye dragged /mu/ with them. Elsewhere, /int/ steamrolled over /k/ as Putin scored another hat trick. Both /int/ and /k/ advanced to the next round.

The battle of /b/ vs. /d/ was an offensive battle as neither team appeared to have any defense and both sides had a hat trick from Chocolate Rain and Haigure, respectively. Even more surprising was the fact that someone appointed themselves as /b/'s manager and subbed out Milhouse, thus giving /b/ more energy overall to fight back. However, /d/ still won 5-3 and cemented their advancement. /sp/ had a more defensive match, as they scored early and then shut down all of /o/'s attempts to equalize, keeping their top spot in the group.

Group F brought forth another big upset as /3/ got tired of /v/idya games not appreciating their graphics. /3/'s keeper The Industry stopped several volleys of original ideas from getting through its solid filter, and his brother Industry Standards scored first. Gaben managed to overcome his fear of 3's long enough to equalize, but 3DS Max crashed /v/ and scored the winning goal, officially knocking /v/ into the Babbys and cementing /tg/ and /toy/'s advancement regardless of who won their match. Even so, /toy/ won a hard-fought battle against their hated /tg/ rivals when Madoka Titus scored the winning goal at the very end of the match.

All times CEST (UTC+2)

Group A

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Group A
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Co icon.png /co/ 3 2 0 1 7 5 2 6
Jp icon.png /jp/ 3 1 1 1 5 5 0 4
Ck icon.png /ck/ 3 1 1 1 7 9 -2 4
Tv icon.png /tv/ 3 1 0 2 6 6 0 3

13 July 2012 /ck/ Ck icon.png 3–3 Jp icon.png /jp/

Masaokis Goal 26'
Pink Himalayan Salt Goal 42'48'
Iron Chef Booked 6'
Goal 33' Get out of /jp/
Goal 39'67' Autism
Stadio Orione

13 July 2012 /co/ Co icon.png 3–2 Tv icon.png /tv/

Tucker Goal 45+1'51'
Donald Goal 81'
Goal 23'61' Real Human Being

14 July 2012 /ck/ Ck icon.png 3–2 Co icon.png /co/

Nachos Goal 6'61'88' Goal 10' Donald
Goal 68' Tucker
Ville Marie Stadium

14 July 2012 /jp/ Jp icon.png 2–0 Tv icon.png /tv/

Autism Goal 45'
Billyherrington Goal 90'
Konami Stadium

15 July 2012 /co/ Co icon.png 2–0 Jp icon.png /jp/

Sexism Goal 8'
Tucker Goal 56'
Booked 14' Autism Wembley Stadium

15 July 2012 /tv/ Tv icon.png 4–1 Ck icon.png /ck/

Problem Child 2 Goal 31'
Real Human Being Goal 42'90+2'
Poor Little White Guy Goal 69'
Goal 67' Nachos
Booked 86' Fridge Ketchup

Group B

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Group B
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
M icon.png /m/ 3 2 0 1 13 6 7 6
Pol icon.png /pol/ 3 2 0 1 7 6 1 6
A icon.png /a/ 3 1 1 1 5 7 -2 4
G icon.png /g/ 3 0 1 2 2 8 -6 1

13 July 2012 /m/ M icon.png 5–2 Pol icon.png /pol/

Kamen Rider Goal 8'
Gundam RX-78-2 Goal 26'75'90+0'
Alteisen Goal 60'
Goal 45+2' Doompaul
Goal 82' Stormfront
Booked 24' Stormfront
Booked 84' Fox News
Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo

13 July 2012 /a/ A icon.png 1–1 G icon.png /g/

Gorespammer Goal 90+2'
Morning Lezque Booked 13'
Goal 45+1' No Drivers Stadio Orione

14 July 2012 /m/ M icon.png 3–4 A icon.png /a/

Gundam RX-78-2 Goal 21'25'
Alteisen Goal 76'
Goal 18'43'45+1' Cowboy Bebop
Goal 78' Yamakan
Booked 23' Kircheis
Stade de France

14 July 2012 /pol/ Pol icon.png 2–1 G icon.png /g/

Doompaul Goal 19'
Click Clack Scored 45'
Stormfront Booked 46'
Goal 90+3' randytaylor69 Nuovo Stadio Della Juventus

15 July 2012 /a/ A icon.png 0–3 Pol icon.png /pol/

Goal 56' Doompaul
Goal 59'73' Stormfront
Estadio Amazonas

15 July 2012 /g/ G icon.png 0–5 M icon.png /m/

Goal 14'60' Gundam RX-78-2
Goal 70' Ginguiser
Goal 83'87' Alteisen
Konami Stadium

Group C

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Group C
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
N icon.png /n/ 3 1 1 1 8 7 1 4
X icon.png /x/ 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Fit icon.png /fit/ 3 1 1 1 2 3 -1 4
Fa icon.png /fa/ 3 0 3 0 3 3 0 3

13 July 2012 /fit/ Fit icon.png 1–3 N icon.png /n/

Tinytrip Goal 68' Goal 35' I Like Trains
Goal 51'85' F-40PH

13 July 2012 /x/ X icon.png 0–0 Fa icon.png /fa/

14 July 2012 /fit/ Fit icon.png 1–0 X icon.png /x/

Tinytrip Goal 70' Booked 18' Lavender Town Mohamed Lewis Stadium

14 July 2012 /n/ N icon.png 3–3 Fa icon.png /fa/

I Like Trains Goal 14'51'
Shortbus Goal 80'
Goal 30' thefaggotstore.com
Goal 34' Young Stalin
Goal 84' Hitler Youth
Konami Stadium

15 July 2012 /x/ X icon.png 3–2 N icon.png /n/

Lavender Town Goal 4'9'
Dead Bart Goal 90+3'
Goal 12' F-40PH
Goal 61' Road Rage
Estadio Amazonas

15 July 2012 /fa/ Fa icon.png 0–0 Fit icon.png /fit/

Red card 54' 6'4 Wembley Stadium

Group D

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Group D
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Int icon.png /int/ 3 2 1 0 13 4 9 7
K icon.png /k/ 3 1 1 1 8 11 -3 4
Mu icon.png /mu/ 3 0 3 0 8 8 0 3
Sci icon.png /sci/ 3 0 1 2 5 11 -6 1

13 July 2012 /k/ K icon.png 3–3 Mu icon.png /mu/

Nex Alea Goal 31'
Zergface Goal 65'
10mm is best mm Goal 71'
Goal 63'90+1' Trout Mask Replica
Goal 89' Bob Dylan
Santiago Bernabéu

13 July 2012 /sci/ Sci icon.png 0–5 Int icon.png /int/

Goal 33'80'85' Putin
Goal 39' >Argentina >white
Goal 58' Maradona
Estadio Amazonas

14 July 2012 /k/ K icon.png 4–3 Sci icon.png /sci/

Zergface Goal 2'
Deagle Brand Deagle Goal 11'90+1'
Goal 33'57'90+3' Bill Nye

14 July 2012 /mu/ Mu icon.png 3–3 Int icon.png /int/

Bob Dylan Goal 4' (pen.)
Trout Mask Replica Goal 38'45+2'
Goal 26' Putin
Goal 71' Argentina White
Goal 79' Polandball
Konami Stadium

15 July 2012 /sci/ Sci icon.png 2–2 Mu icon.png /mu/

Thorium Goal 75'
Bill Nye Goal 89'
Homoengineer Booked 45+1'
Goal 16' Trout Mask Replica
Goal 34' Bob Dylan
Wembley Stadium

15 July 2012 /int/ Int icon.png 5–1 K icon.png /k/

Putin Goal 19'52'58'
Maradona Goal 29'
>Argentina >white Goal 70'
Goal 67' Zergface
Booked 8' Assault Clips
Booked 45+1' Zergface
Booked 59' Cawadooty
Booked 80' nevahbindunbefo
Estadio Amazonas

Group E

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Group E
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Sp icon.png /sp/ 3 3 0 0 6 3 3 9
D icon.png /d/ 3 2 0 1 9 7 2 6
O icon.png /o/ 3 0 1 2 1 3 -2 1
B icon.png /b/ 3 0 1 2 4 7 -3 1

13 July 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 4–3 D icon.png /d/

George Costanza Goal 41'90+1'
Messi Goal 76'80'
Goal 25' Melon Fuck
Goal 43'71' Haigure
Stadio Olimpico
Attendance: 2100

13 July 2012 /b/ B icon.png 1–1 O icon.png /o/

Boxxy Goal 65' Goal 25' Takumi Stadio Orione

14 July 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 1–0 B icon.png /b/

Messi Goal 48' Wembley Stadium

14 July 2012 /d/ D icon.png 1–0 O icon.png /o/

Haigure Goal 63'
Potato House Booked 38'
Konami Stadium

15 July 2012 /b/ B icon.png 3–5 D icon.png /d/

Chocolate Rain Goal 17'29'52' Goal 5' Dracula Penis
Goal 32'40'53' Haigure
Goal 89' Melon Fuck
Il Nuovo Stadio Della Juventus

15 July 2012 /o/ O icon.png 0–1 Sp icon.png /sp/

Goal 9' Messi Estadio De Palenque

Group F

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Group F
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Toy icon.png /toy/ 3 2 1 0 7 4 3 7
Tg icon.png /tg/ 3 1 1 1 7 5 2 4
3 icon.png /3/ 3 1 0 2 2 6 -4 3
V icon.png /v/ 3 0 2 1 5 6 -1 2

13 July 2012 /tg/ Tg icon.png 2–2 V icon.png /v/

Doomrider Goal 60'79' Goal 15' Gabe Newell
Goal 64' Kacho Arino
Stadio Olimpico

13 July 2012 /3/ 3 icon.png 0–2 Toy icon.png /toy/

Goal 29' Woody
Goal 43' Madoka Titus
Booked 1' Prof. Layton
Rose Park Stadium

14 July 2012 /tg/ Tg icon.png 3–0 3 icon.png /3/

Creed Goal 16'
Doomrider Goal 29'
Los Tiburon Goal 61'
Mohamed Lewis Stadium

14 July 2012 /v/ V icon.png 2–2 Toy icon.png /toy/

NO GAEMS Goal 41'
Gabe Newell Goal 58'
Goal 7'45+2' Woody

15 July 2012 /3/ 3 icon.png 2–1 V icon.png /v/

Industry Standards Goal 38'
3DS Max Goal 87'
Goal 56' Gabe Newell Wembley Stadium

15 July 2012 /toy/ Toy icon.png 3–2 Tg icon.png /tg/

Woody Goal 63'
Optimus Prime Goal 79'
Madoka Titus Goal 90+2'
Goal 9' Creed
Goal 50' Doomrider
Stade de France

Knockout Stage

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup knockout stage

Drawing Controversy

See 2012 SC Bracket Scandal

Exhibition Matches

Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Exhibition Matches

As the crowd filtered into the stadium, they were shocked to learn that the 4CCC had abruptly changed the schedule without telling them. However, they were pleased to find out that the pre-game ceremonies were a pair of friendly matches between a handful of new teams: /u/ vs /trv/ and /h/ vs /hm/. /trv/ treated their preview like a summer holiday as Sex Tourist scored a couple of goals in their 3-0 victory, while the /h/ and /hm/ contest was overflowing with so much testosterone that at the end of 90 minutes, the game went into extra time and then penalty kicks until /hm/ came out on top. This was the first friendly style match to have overtime and penalties since the 2012 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies.

20 July 2012 /u/ U icon.png 0–3 Trv icon.png /trv/

Goal 55'77' Sex Tourist
Goal 75' Superpornowat Farangbang
Estadio Del Nuevo Triunfo
Video: Klaxa

20 July 2012 /h/ H icon.png 2–2 (a.e.t.) Hm icon.png /hm/

Fap Gauntlet Goal 28'109' Goal 70'94' Blonde Fernando Torres Amsterdam Arena
Video: Klaxa
Titty Monster Scored
Endless Ejaculations Scored
Pomf-chan Missed
Fap Gauntlet Missed
Christmas Cake Missed
2–3 Scored Blonde Fernando Torres
Scored Jake Gyllenhaal
Missed Wincest Cousin
Missed Tom Hiddlestone
Scored Zombie Erik Rhodes

Jp icon.png /jp/
Tg icon.png /tg/
Pol icon.png /pol/
D icon.png /d/
X icon.png /x/
K icon.png /k/
N icon.png /n/
Co icon.png /co/
Quarter Finals
M icon.png /m/
Tg icon.png /tg/
Int icon.png /int/
D icon.png /d/
Sp icon.png /sp/
K icon.png /k/
Toy icon.png /toy/
N icon.png /n/
Semi Finals
M icon.png /m/
Int icon.png /int/
Sp icon.png /sp/
Toy icon.png /toy/
Int icon.png /int/
Sp icon.png /sp/
Third Place Match
M icon.png /m/
Toy icon.png /toy/


20 July 2012 /jp/ Jp icon.png 1–3 Tg icon.png /tg/

Get out of /jp/ Goal 18' Goal 29'82' Creed
Goal 79' Doomrider
Santiago Bernabéu

20 July 2012 /pol/ Pol icon.png 0–1 D icon.png /d/

Goal 76' Haigure Royal London Stadium

20 July 2012 /x/ X icon.png 2–3 K icon.png /k/

The Grifter Goal 15'44' Goal 40'55' Deagle Brand Deagle
Goal 82' Ivan Chesnokov
Royal London Stadium

20 July 2012 /n/ N icon.png 2–0 Co icon.png /co/

I Like Trains Goal 6'
F-40PH Goal 41'
Royal London Stadium

Quarter Finals

21 July 2012 /m/ M icon.png 2–1 Tg icon.png /tg/

Gundam RX-78-2 Goal 59'71' Goal 25' Creed
Booked 24' Muscle Wizard
Stadio Olimpico

21 July 2012 /d/ D icon.png 0–2 Int icon.png /int/

Goal 36' Putin
Goal 87' Maradona
Saitama Stadium

21 July 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 2–0 K icon.png /k/

Messi Goal 18'
George Costanza Goal 77'
Saitama Stadium

21 July 2012 /n/ N icon.png 1–4 Toy icon.png /toy/

I Like Trains Goal 52' Goal 32'60'63'74' Woody

Semi Finals

21 July 2012 /m/ M icon.png 3–4 Int icon.png /int/

Yuropoor Scored 45'
Gundam RX-78-2 Goal 54'
Alteisen Goal 62'
Goal 13'64'78'88' Putin Bristol Mary Stadium

21 July 2012 /sp/ Sp icon.png 2–1 Toy icon.png /toy/

Messi Goal 5'
Tim Teboq Goal 33'
Goal 15' Woody Burg Stadion

Third Place Match

21 July 2012 /m/ M icon.png 4–0 Toy icon.png /toy/

Gundam RX-78-2 Goal 14'
Alteisen Goal 50'65'77'
Allianz Arena


Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup Final
21 July 2012 /int/ Int icon.png 0–4 Sp icon.png /sp/

Goal 4' Tony Reali
Goal 7'34'65' Messi
Rose Park Stadium

Impact of Dragongate

Main article: Dragongate

/n/, /o/, /sp/ and /x/ were retroactively disqualified from this competition for being significantly influenced by Dragonfag. Their results in this tournament were judged to be void and their opponents were awarded wins. The aforementioned teams received no ranking points for their participation in this tournament.

/sp/'s Summer Cup title was vacated due to former manager Dragonfag's influence on the tournament.


Main article: 2012 4chan Summer Cup statistics

/ck/ player Masaokis was the first player to score a goal in the competition, in their 3-3 draw with /jp/, the opening match of the tournament. The first hat-trick was scored by Gundam RX-78-2 of /m/ in their 5-2 win over /pol/ on the opening day of the tournament. /g/ defender Click Clack was credited with the first own goal of the tournament, in their 2-1 defeat against /pol/.

Putin was the highest scorer of the tournament with an unmatched twelve goals, as such he was awarded the Golden Boot. A total of 185 goals were scored in the tournament.


Individual Awards

  • Golden Boot: Int icon.png Putin
  • Fair Play Trophy: Shared between Int icon.png /int/, M icon.png /m/ and Sp icon.png /sp/ for no cards over six matches.

Team Awards

Award Team
Most improved team Int icon.png /int/
Least improved team Ck icon.png /ck/
Bandwagoner's choice M icon.png /m/
At least you tried Sci icon.png /sci/
Best dressed Pol icon.png /pol/
Best fans Tg icon.png /tg/
Worst fans Jp icon.png /jp/
Best goalhorn Mu icon.png /mu/
Underdog of the tournament Toy icon.png /toy/
Surprise of the tournament Int icon.png /int/
Disappointment of the tournament V icon.png /v/
Team of the tournament Int icon.png /int/

Final Ranking

Matches significantly influenced by Dragonfag were rendered illegitimate in light of rulings stemming from Dragongate. Dragonfag-managed teams are exempt from classification in post-tournament rankings.

  1. Int icon.png /int/
  2. M icon.png /m/
  3. Toy icon.png /toy/
  4. Tg icon.png /tg/
  5. D icon.png /d/
  6. K icon.png /k/

  1. Pol icon.png /pol/
  2. Jp icon.png /jp/
  3. Co icon.png /co/
  4. Fit icon.png /fit/
  5. Ck icon.png /ck/
  6. A icon.png /a/

  1. Mu icon.png /mu/
  2. Tv icon.png /tv/
  3. Fa icon.png /fa/
  4. 3 icon.png /3/
  5. V icon.png /v/
  6. B icon.png /b/

  1. Sci icon.png /sci/
  2. G icon.png /g/
  3. N icon.png /n/
  4. O icon.png /o/
  5. Sp icon.png /sp/
  6. X icon.png /x/