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Provisional Teams was the name originally given to the teams of the Fifth Founding, formed after 4chan's board expansion in Spring 2013. There were eight teams hoping to gain entry into the 4chan Cup via a qualification route in Autumn 2013. Their entry was dependent on a commitment to maintain the teams until the next opportunity for qualification. All boards which expressed an interest went on to compete in the qualifiers.


Prior to this expansion the 4chan Cup operated with 48 teams, allowing for a simple 16-up, 16-down promotion and relegation system with easily divisible 32-team tournaments. There was a reluctance among the community to allow expansion beyond 48 teams due to the potential difficulties in scheduling additional teams would present.

Following 4chan's board expansion in Spring 2013, interest among new boards was in some cases instant. Some teams were created informally a matter of days after the boards themselves. The flood of interest from these new teams prompted the decision to allow an expansion of the 4chan Cup beyond 48 teams. New teams were given a provisional entry on the basis of prolonged interest from the teams and their staff until the next suitable point of entry into the 4chan Cup.

Teams of the Fifth Founding have come to be known as provisionals for this reason.


The eight teams of the Fifth Founding played off against seven of the worst-faring Babbies of the past tournament cycle in the 2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers for a chance to play in the Autumn Babby Cup proper. The qualifiers consisted of three groups of five, where the top two teams from each group, and the better two of the three third-placed teams would advance.


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