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Original Sixteen

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The Original Sixteen is the name given to the sixteen founding members of the 4chan Cup. These boards competed in the inaugural 2011 4chan Summer Cup competition.


  • /mu/ are the only team to have participated in every Elite Cup.
  • As of the conclusion of the 2017 4chan Winter Cup, 7 different Original Sixteen teams have won cups (6 Elite Cups and 2 Babbies), the most out of any Founding. They have also won the most Elite Cups of any Founding.
  • As of the conclusion of the 2017 4chan Winter Cup, the Original Sixteen teams have the highest combined amount of "medal" (first, second, and third-place) finishes; 8 first place, 11 second place, and 7 third place, for a total of 26.
  • As of the conclusion of the 2017 4chan Winter Cup, /ck/*, /mu/*, /sp/*, and /tv/* are tied for the highest amount of "medal" finishes with 3 each. In addition, /fit/ are one of only two teams to have legitimately won multiple Elite Cups.
  • As of the conclusion of the 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers, /mu/ have the highest efficiency out of this Founding and the entire cup at 55.42%, while /k/ have the lowest at 30.51%.

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