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Anthems and Goalhorns

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These are the anthems and goalhorns for official 4chan Cup teams.

History: Legacy Anthems and Goalhorns

Team Anthems Goalhorns
3 logo.png
/3/ - 3DCG
Main: Max Headroom Theme
Utah Teapot MOTM Anthem: Utah, This is the Place
Main: Elektronik Supersonik
>blender horn: Susanna
Ratboy Genius Goalhorn: Ratboy Genius Theme
A logo.png
/a/ - Anime & Manga
Main: The Red Ambassadress
Victory: Super☆Affection
Main: Colors
Cowboy Bebop brace: Tank!
Kyon-kun Hare Hare Yukai
Aco logo.png
/aco/ - Adult Cartoons
Main: La La Labia
Victory: Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Main: Dethklok - I Ejaculate Fire
After Standard Horn: Beep Beep
Shygal: Baby Got DLC
Bowsette: Break Free (Lead the Way)
Adv logo.png
/adv/ - Advice
Main: Papa Roach - Last Resort
Victory: S3RL ft. Tamika - I Will Pick You Up
Friendzoned Clean Sheet: S3RL - Friendzoned
Pls Respond Clean Sheet: Hovey Benjamin - send bobs
Main: Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Suicide: Hollywood Undead - Bullet
Red Flags: Billy Talent - Red Flag
Shut In NEET: Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
Polyamory: Chris Fleming - Polyamorous
Femanon: Marina & The Diamonds - Oh No
An logo.png
/an/ - Animals and Nature
Wildest Things In The World Main: Dario G - Sunchyme
Against NSFW lewd boards: The BloodHound Gang - The Bad Touch
Birb: cockatiel singing Totoro
>outdoor cat: Puss 'n Boots
Asp logo.png
/asp/ - Alternative Sports & Wrestling
Main: Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye
During Knockouts: Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye (Orchestral)
Victory: Kaze Ni Nare
Main: Bouncing Souls - Ole
Bruce Lee: Be Water, My Friend!
Big Match John: John Cena - My Time Is Now
Undercarder: Jim Johnston - You're Gonna Pay
Big Poppa Pump: Scott Steiner - Holla If You Hear Me
B logo.png
/b/ - Random
Staple Tapeworms on My Penis Can Can Sandstorm
Bant logo.png
/bant/ - International/Random
Anthem: It Was Banter
Main: Duke Nukem Theme
Leaf Girl: O CANADA
Leaf Girl Brace(or more): Oh Canada
Queen: bunch of fags singing - Cirno
Biz logo.png
/biz/ - Business & Finance
Main: Just
Victory: Money
C logo.png
/c/ - Anime/Cute
Main: Ready!! - 765 Pro All Stars
Victory: Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Tsukasa - Ne Tou ge de Reset!
Main: Fukkireta
Yui: Fuwa Fuwa Time
Cgl logo.png
/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL
OGL - MC Melod¥ Doll Main: Ludacris - Move Bitch
Alternate: Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)
J-Nig/Yaya's Tatas: Baby Got Anaconda
Niggamoon: He Is the One Named NIGGA MOON
Ck logo.png
/ck/ - Food and Cooking
Iron Chef theme Fanfare Ciocarlia - Moliendo Cafe
Cm logo.png
/cm/ - Cute/Male
Tougenkyou Alien - Gintama Theme Main: Maji Love 1000% - Rock
Makoto Tachinaba: Future Fish- Style Five
Co logo.png
/co/ - Comics & Cartoons
Main: Aquaman's Rousing Song of Heroism
Victory: Sweet Victory
Justice League Unlimited theme
D logo.png
/d/ - Hentai/Alternative
Zone-tan: I'd Like To Teach The World To Fap (In Perfect Harmony) Main: System of a Down - Violent Pornography
Hat Trick Horn (Or No Cock Like Horsecock Scores): No Cock Like Horse Cock - Pepper Coyote
3+ Goals Goalhorn: Acme Iku - Slashmaid
H*nd H*lding's Clean Sheet/Man of Match Victory Anthem: The Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Diy logo.png
/diy/ - Do-It-Yourself
Hardware Store Main: DIY2K
MacGyver: MacGyver theme
Shipping Containers & House Building: Let's Build a Home
E logo.png
/e/ - Ecchi
Buddy Body (Meikai Boogie ver.) Queen's Blade 2 OST Main: Groovin' Magic - Round Table feat. Nino
ENF: Before My Body Is Dry
F logo.png
/f/ - Flash
>having an anthem against every team
Check the master music list
>having a goalhorn against every team
Check the master music list
Fa logo.png
/fa/ - Fashion
Anthem: Death Grips - Hustle Bones
Victory Anthem: A$AP Rocky - Peso
Main: Being a Dickhead's Cool
Rick Owens: Zebra Katz - Ima Read
Rick Owens brace: CHRISTEENE x Rick Owens - Butt Muscle
Rick Owens hat trick: Danny Brown - Pneumonia
Raf Simons: A$AP Mob - RAF
Shia LaBeouf: Rob Cantor - "Shia LaBeouf" Live
Fit logo.png
/fit/ - Fitness
Main: Fat Bottom Boys
Knockout Anthem: Going the Distance
Victory Anthem: Gonna Fly Now
Luke Million - Arnold
G logo.png
/g/ - Technology
Main: GNU/Stallmanquest
For special occasions only Touch It/Technologic
Main: Girls` Generation(소녀시대) - Gee
No Time For Love: Fasten Your Teedus
Terry A. Davis: Terry A. Davis horn
Housefires: Disco Inferno
No Drivers: The AMD Fanboy Song!
Gd logo.png
/gd/ - Graphic Design
Opening Anthem: Cream - Make the Logo Bigger
Promotion Anthem: Messiah - The Creator
Default Goalhorn: Lemon Demon - Redesign Your Logo
Kerning Goalhorn: STRFKR - Millions
Glitch Art Goalhorn: The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army
Vaporwave Goalhorn: マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Fun Tonight
Gif logo.png
/gif/ - Adult GIF
Main: Don't Say Gif
Victory: Jiffy Lube
Bogs Bonny
H logo.png
/h/ - Hentai
Main: Champion (Teddyloid Remix)
Alt Anthem: Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Main: Fly Away
Liru: Never, Ever
Lightsaber Dick: Imperial March
3+ Goals: Hentai Ringtone
90+: Netorare
His logo.png
/his/ - History & Humanities
Main Anthem: Die Kaiserhymne (Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser)
Victory Anthem: 1812 Overture (Finale)
Main Goalhorn: The British Grenadiers
>Holy>Roman>Empire Goalhorn: Schei-wi-dei-wi-du
Mongolian Horse Archer Goalhorn: Khuleg Baatar
Hm logo.png
/hm/ - Handsome Men
Main: In The Navy
Victory: Built This Pool
Main: Soccer Practice
Bearforce: Bearforce1
Zitler: Call On Me
Hr logo.png
/hr/ - High Resolution
Def Leppard - Photograph Main: Duran Duran – Girls on Film
Emma Watson: Emma Watson song
I logo.png
/i/ - Oekaki
The Painter Main: Airbrushed
/i/rene: Come On, /i/rene
Ic logo.png
/ic/ - Artwork/Critique
Happy Little Clouds Main: Art Attack
James Ensor: Meet James Ensor
Int logo.png
/int/ - International
Main: Serbia Strong
Against /b/: Remove Sandstorm
Against /n/: Tupac removes some major kebab
Against /x/: Serbia Strong (G Major)
Polandball: O Kurwa
>Argentina >white: La Marcha de Las Malvinas
Putin hat-trick: Russian National Anthem
Spurdo hat-trick: ylilautan national anbem
Jp logo.png
/jp/ - Otaku Culture
/jp/ theme 2 Endless Tewi
K logo.png
/k/ - Weapons
Lgbt logo.png
/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender
Main: I'm Gay - 6 AM & Cissi Ramsby
Victory: Electric Six - Gay Bar
Main: OK2BGAY - Tomboy
Boipussy: Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox - Boy Is A Bottom
/tttt/, Grillpill and Do I Pass?: Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Am I Gay?:King Missile - Gay / Not Gay
Lit logo.png
/lit/ - Literature
Dance of the Knights Main: READ A BOOK
Lolita: Hey, Lolita
Start With The Greeks: Sto Po Mou Louloudia
M logo.png
/m/ - Mecha
Main: Chicks Dig Giant Robos
Victory: Sure Promise
Main: Trombe
Alteisen brace+: Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector - Are you kidding?
Char's Zaku II brace+: Here Comes Char
Shin Getter Robo brace+: Ima ga Sono Toki Da
Mazinger Z brace+: Theme of Z
Mlp logo.png
/mlp/ - Pony
Main: Giddy Up
Knockout Rounds: Orchestral Giddy Up
Tracy MOTM: I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters
Main: Ready to Die
Princess Twilight: Twilight Electric Light Orchestra
I Want to Cum Inside Rainbow Dash: Oh, Baby
RAZZLE DAZZLE: The Spectacle
Mu logo.png
/mu/ - Music
King of Carrot Flowers Parts 2&3 Main: Brother Sport - Animal Collective
MC Ride: More Than The Fairy
Jeff Mangum: Holland, 1945
Michael Gira: Stay Here
Killer Mike: Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)
N logo.png
/n/ - Transportation
Main: Biggie Smalls vs Thomas The Tank Engine Main: Bicycle Race
I Like Trains: I Like Trains
Hipster Fixie: Being a Dickhead's Cool
Bepsi or Trap Ass Pussy: HimeHime
O logo.png
/o/ - Auto
Main: Passport to Dance (shortened mix)
Victory:Loving Eurobeat (shortened mix)
Main: Let's Go Away
Takumi: Running in the 90's (remix)
Takumi brace+: Manuel - Gas Gas Gas
Twingo: Twingo Goal Horn
Scotty Kilmer: Girl Named Gone
Out logo.png
/out/ - Outdoor
Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man Main: The Proclaimers - 500 Miles
Smokey the Bear: Peter Pan Records - Smokey the Bear
P logo.png
/p/ - Photography
Main: Camera
Victory: Kodachrome
Freeze Frame
Po logo.png
/po/ - Papercraft and Origami
Lou Christie - Paper Song Main: Gorilla Zoe - Paper
Moneygami: Here Comes What It's All About
Broken Printer: Mitsabishi - Printer Jam
Pol logo.png
/pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Main Anthem: Springtime For Hitler
Victory Anthem: Waffen SS Choir - Neue deutsche Welle
Special Occasions: Die Flut Kommt
Advancing from Group Stage: /pol/ Happening theme
Jews MOTM/Hat-trick/Only /pol/ player who scored goals: Nagila Hava
Main Goalhorn: Waffen SS - Erika
Jews: Oy Gevalt
Trump: Trumplestiltskin
Bogdanoffs: Bogdanoff's Ballad
Moonman or Ben Garrison: Right Wing Death Squads
Assad: Ya Bashar
R9k logo.png
/r9k/ - ROBOT9001
Main: That feel when no gf
Victory: Linkin Park - Crawling
Main: Forever Alone
>tfw no gf: Anthem
Spaghetti: Mom's Spaghetti
S logo.png
/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women
Main: Horny as a Dandy
Closing: Horny (Jazz)
Main: Booty Man
Stacy's Mom: She's got it goin' on
S4s logo.png
/s4s/ - Shit 4chan Says
Main: All-Star
Group Stage Victory: Jazz Star
Round of 16 Victory: Romance Star
Keksandra MOTM Victory Anthem boris x keksandra
Main: Hip to be Square
Brace: I Need Dubs
Topkek: KEK
Keksandra: [s4s]-tan
Sci logo.png
/sci/ - Science and Math
Main: The Science Rap - Ali G
Closing Anthem: A Glorious Dawn - Carl Sagan ft. Stephen Hawking
Closing Anthem if /sci/ wins and Hawking has a clean sheet: Stephen Hawking Sings The Galaxy Song
Main: Weird Science - Oingo Boingo
Sun of Lava/Ice: Elektronik Supersonik - Zlad!
Richard Feynman: Richard Feynman Playing Bongos
Soc logo.png
/soc/ - Social
I Just Had Sex Main: Nice Guys Finish Last
Sp logo.png
/sp/ - Sports
Main: NBA on NBC
Knockout Anthem: Tribute to Muhammad Ali
Victory Anthem: One Goat on the Shirt
Main: Wavin' Flag
USA USA USA: America, Fuck Yeah - Team America
TSUUUUUUUUUUUU: He's actually saying SIM but it sounded like a TSU for some reason
TSUUUUUUUUU Comeback/Hat-trick horn: A different mix of that sound clip
George Costanza: SHIGGY DIGGY
T logo.png
/t/ - Torrents
Main: Don't Copy That Floppy
Cup Winning Anthem: Los Piratas
Main: You Are A Pirate
Hat-Trick: Alexandr Pistoletov - Pirates of the Caribbean
ShepardTDS: Sekirei OP
MIXTAPES: Multiple Horns
Tg logo.png
/tg/ - Traditional Games
Danger Room Main: Da Ork song
Muscle Wizard/El Mago del Tiempo: The Wizard
Toy logo.png
/toy/ - Toys
Main: Extreme - Play With Me
Victory: Stan Bush - Dare
Main: Stan Bush - The Touch
Madoka Titus: Ante Up
Optimus Prime: Transformers theme
Woody Hat-trick: You Got a Friend In Me
Trv logo.png
/trv/ - Travel
Gustav Holst - I Vow To Thee, My Country (Orchestral) Main: Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday
Comeback: Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
Sex Tourist: One Night in Bangkok
Tv logo.png
/tv/ - Television & Film
It Ain't Me Main: The Golden Age of Video
Real Human Being: A Real Hero
For You: Gone, Gone, Gone
U logo.png
/u/ - Yuri
Main: Pastel Pure
Victory: Super Ultra Hyper Miracle Romantic
Main: Agony
Akkarin: \Akkariiin/ Mesorogiwi
Homucifer: Magia
Teru Time: Miyanaga Teru theme
V logo.png
/v/ - Video Games
Main: Snake Eater
Relegation: STANDING
Victory while BUT FIRST is MOTM: Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses
90+ goal or 1 point comeback: Tables Turnover
SANIC: 2fast
SANIC hat-trick: Gotta Go Fast
Vg logo.png
/vg/ - Video Game Generals
Main: Into Free -Dangan-
Victory: Baba Yetu
Main: Funky Dealer
Against /h/: Rebirth the Edge
GOGETA DA: Broly vs. Gogeta/Blizzard Instrumental
Vp logo.png
/vp/ - Pokémon
Main: Battle! Wild Pokémon (Origins)
Victory: Getta Ban Ban
Main: Iku Z!
Hat-trick: Battle! Kahuna
Miror B: Retro Groove
Miror B brace or miracle goal: Imitation Groove
IT'S YA BOI: Battle! Team Skull Leader
Vr logo.png
/vr/ - Retro Games
Clean Sheet Victory: Sega Saturn Shiro (Segata Sanshiro)
Main: Sewer Surfin'
Doomguy: At Doom's Gate
Kirby: Kirby's Pinball Land title theme
Hat-trick/90+ lead: Miracle Horn
W logo.png
/w/ - Anime/Wallpapers
Main: Ride On Shooting Star
Victory: The Real Folk Blues
Main: Credens justitiam
Waifu Walls: Hikaru Wadachi
Waifu Walls Hat-trick: Tabi no Tochuu
Powerlevel Brace: Angel Attacks
Wg logo.png
/wg/ - Wallpapers/General
Winger - Battle Stations Main: Sporty-o - Let Me Hit It
Helios: Helios
Descartes: Give Her The Dick
Comfy: Rainymood
Boss Nigger: Boss Nigger theme song
Wsg logo.png
/wsg/ - Worksafe GIF
Main: Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
Victory: Roller Mobster - Carpenter Brut
Main: Oh, The Boss Is Coming - Arkells
Duane: You Can Do It - Adam Routh & Patrick Wilson
To Be Continued: Roundabout - Yes
X logo.png
/x/ - Paranormal
Main: X-Files theme
Victory: Spooky Scary Skeletons
Main: X Gon Give It To Ya
3+ Goals: XpookyXcaryXkeletons.avi
The Grey: Viva La Vidya
Zodiac Killer: Ted Cruz Campaign Eulogy (Zodiac Killer Proof)
Y logo.png
/y/ - Yaoi
Main: Touch You
Victory: History Maker
Main: Van Darkholme Loves Sexting
Yaranaika: Yaranaika song
Gerudo Link: He come to town