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Fourth Founding

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The Fourth Founding was the fourth mass expansion wave of the 4chan Cup, represented by the teams founded after the 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup. These new teams brought the total number of clubs to an even 48, allowing for stable promotion and relegation between the Babbies and Elite tournaments. The Fourth Founding teams would first compete in the 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup.


  • As of the conclusion of the 2019 4chan Summer Cup, 4 different Fourth Founding teams have won cups (5 Elite Cups and 2 Babbies).
  • As of the conclusion of the 2020 4chan Summer Cup, the Fourth Founding teams have a combined total of 20 "medal" finishes; 7 first place finishes, 7 second place finishes, and 7 third place finishes. In addition, /wg/, /trv/, and /u/ are three of only eight teams to have legitimately won multiple cups (/u/ have won two Elites, /wg/ and /trv/ both one Elite and one Babby), while /u/ have played in four Elite Cup finals, the most of any team in the cup.
  • As of the conclusion of the 2021 4chan Winter Cup, /u/ have the highest efficiency out of this Founding at 50.89%, while /hm/ have the lowest at 27.27%.

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