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The Lionel Messi Memoriam Award (commonly dubbed "Player of the tournament") is an award that highlights the efforts of a single individual player in the sea of competitors in each cup.
First given to S4s icon.png /s4s/ striker and Gold Medal Patrick Bateman in the 2015 4chan Winter Cup, the award has been a part of each Auties round since.
The most recent Memoriam recipient is N icon.png /n/ striker and Gold Medal Skyking in the 2021 4chan Winter Cup.

Award Recipients

Competition Player Pos. Squad Run Summary Stats
2015 4chan winter cup logo.png Pott Bateman.png
Patrick Bateman Captain
S4s logo.png The iconic dubs-checker stormed his way past many a defender to net S4s icon.png /s4s/'s best Elite run at the time in the last cup held on PES 14 before finally being put down by eventual champions Tg icon.png /tg/. Apps Goals Assists MotM
5 6 0 1
2015 Spring Cup Logo.png Pott Doom.png
Doom Captain
Co logo.png Pure hatred towards RICHAAAAAAARDS turned homewards after The Flash made Doom's seven-game scoring streak ultimately pointless after a botched penalty shootout against Tv icon.png /tv/. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 10 3 3
2015 Summer Cup Logo.png Pott Stallman.png
Richard Stallman
G logo.png Richard Stallman ensured the freedoms of /g/'s defensive software up until his team's final match against Mlp icon.png /mlp/, where disaster would finally strike the GNU project head. Apps CS Saves MotM
4 0 21 1
ABC15 Design G.png Pott Spurdo.png
Spurdo Spärde
Int logo.png 9.0? Fug :DDDDD. Apps Goals Assists MotM
8 7 6 3
WC16 Design A.png Pott Homucifer.png
Homucifer Captain
U logo.png Deft runs and an unstoppable efficiency made /u/'s first foray beyond the Elite Quarterfinals a devastating one at the hands of their gun-happy striker, until they were tasked with going AHP and DOWN. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 11 3 5
2016 Spring Cup Logo.png Pott Char.png
Char's Zaku II
M logo.png The first player to win the Lionel Messi Memoriam that also won their respective tournament, Char's accomplishments also stretch to helming the first team to win two Babby Cups. He came here to laugh at us. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 10 4 2
Summer16 H ALT 2.png Pott rape.png
Mlp logo.png No records were safe during the fifth-year anniversary of the 4chan Cup. Mlp icon.png /mlp/ were the first team to legitimately win two stars, and their menacing front man blasted more balls past keepers than any player prior. At the end of it all, it's safe to say the community was ready to die. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 14 1 3
ABC16 Design A.png Pott Rockwell.png
Ken Rockwell Captain
P logo.png Fresh out of the new team oven, P icon.png /p/ came to this cup with a brash mindset, "We don't have to defend if we score more than them!". With scorelines like 5-4 and 6-2, still-green cup striker Ken Rockwell made it look so easy to put on a >rape-lite performance in his team's third appearance. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 13 2 3
WC17 Design A.png Pott Scooby.png
Fit logo.png Just like there are two parts to any proper-form lift, Fit icon.png /fit/ rode on the broad, shirtless shoulders of the first midfielder to win the Memoriam since Doom near two years prior. As an added caveat, the fitness guru also received new golden workout boots. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 9 0 3
SBC17 Design A.png Pott Kinsey.png
Alfred Kinsey Captain
Lgbt logo.png Lgbt icon.png /lgbt/'s revival started with a bang in the first ever legitimate win-only run of a 4chan Cup tournament. Alfred Kinsey checked all our scores on his scale on a dominant performance alongside Autogynephilia, nabbing the Golden Ball, being only one goal short of also earning the Golden Boot, and only failing to earn Man of the Match in two of his seven played games. His competitors rightly thrashed, Kinsey was overheard at the post-cup press conference assuring us all, "It's okay to be gay". Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 8 7 5
SC17 Design A.png Pott Madoka.png
Madoka Titus
Toy logo.png Madoka and Woody are the eternal dynamic duo of Toy icon.png /toy/, pulling off a shared-Golden Boot situation not once, but twice following the 2017 Summer Cup. The only chick that could stop /lgbt/ from hitting a ludicrous winstreak across two cups, the ball loved her mechs, but the fans loved her song. TYBM. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 7 0 2
ABC17 Design A.png Pott Bebop.png
Cowboy Bebop Captain
A logo.png After a three-count, Spike got the weebs jamming after a seemingly eternal spell of disappointment in the 4chan Cup, A icon.png /a/ finally achieved a Top 4 finish after nearly four years since their shattering loss to Trv icon.png /trv/. Bebop's superstar legacy in the cup continued deep into the third place match, forcing a penalty shootout that sadly, wasn't meant to be for the historic team. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 8 3 1
WC18 Design F2.png Pott Bepsi.png
Bepsi Captain
N logo.png One of the best blenders to ever grace the competition found his groove in this monumental Elite Cup for N icon.png /n/, their first ever legitimate Elite Cup knockout run. Despite the refreshing beverage losing to eventual champions U icon.png /u/, no one was a Coke guy this competition. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 6 2 2
SBC18 Design G2.png Pott Greeks.png
Start With The Greeks
Lit logo.png The great philosophers of the Aegean finally got their shit together this tournament, gracing all of us with the earworm goalhorn we love. Despite only finishing in the Quarterfinals, the tremendous scoring power of this player rivaled Atlas himself, scoring in all but one match he was featured in. Apps Goals Assists MotM
5 11 2 4
Summer18 E.png Pott Doomrider.png
Doomrider Captain
Tg logo.png Despite his team did better in the final standings once upon a time, the bicycle-kicking cocaine demon did all he could to dazzle us on the pitch. Four Man of the Match titles, the Golden Ball, and a shared Golden Boot, Doomrider is statistically one of the most-deserving of all players to earn the Memoriam. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 8 6 4
ABC18 Design A.png Pott Fug.png
Fug Captain
Vp logo.png A fan-favorite, Fug's presence was always known on the pitch. The Flying-Dragon type lead his team not only to 9-point their group, but also to a lifted Third-Place Trophy. When your whale is fighting your lava golem, you can count on Fug. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 6 6 4
WC19 Design E.png Pott Kerning.png
Kerning Captain
Gd logo.png That cheeky fucking cat finally did it. After never missing an elite cup since his team's founding, Kerning the cat finally taught the 4chan Cup what true graphic design was, being instrumental in matches against F icon.png /f/ and Vg icon.png /vg/. After witnessing Ck icon.png /ck/'s match against the feline's family, many reported adoring seeing Perfect Coffee crying. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 13 5 3
SBC19 Design B1.png Pott irene.png
/i/rene Captain
I logo.png I icon.png /i/ is a slower board of 4chan, but has gone through many a captain. For this Spring Babby, they finally settled on the board-tan, /i/rene. Her chipper attitude towards the team's winless streak finally paid off in a gigantic win against M icon.png /m/'s gigantic robots, and continued all the way to the trophy hoist. They may be crudely-drawn, but you best fear the feet of this little girl. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 4 1 1
Summer19 C.png Pott Nagisa.png
Kaworu Nagisa Captain
Cm logo.png Left to his own devices and often playing second fiddle to fellow Cm icon.png /cm/ striker Len-kun, Nagisa found his stride late in the tournament, claiming ten of his eventual twelve goals on the final day. To put his performance in perspective; /cm/ scored eleven times that day. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 12 1 4
ABC19 Design E.png Pott Cirno.png
Jp logo.png Often seen as nothing more than the ultimate baka, Jp icon.png /jp/'s strongest fairy proved the doubters wrong, scoring thirteen goals, scooping four MOTM awards, and taking home the Golden Boot by barely edging out her own teammate, Marisa. With three hat-tricks to her name, Cirno rightfully held the Third-Place Trophy aloft and iced the baka critics once and for all (until she was put on the bench for freezing the Hakurei Shrine again, baka baka). Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 13 5 4
WC20 Design A.png Pott Smokey.png
Smokey the Bear Captain
Out logo.png When Smokey smells Out icon.png /out/ burning, he acts fast. The fire-preventing bear single-handedly extinguished K icon.png /k/'s two goal lead in the group stage, dragged his side into the knockouts with a win over Diy icon.png /diy/, and blazed five past Lit icon.png /lit/. Apparently on Cirno's wavelength, Smokey managed the exact same stats as the strongest fairy's Autumn 2019 performance, and even snagged the same trophies as her. The beehive ball was reported stolen by a large bear-like animal, most likely a bear, following the tournament. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 13 5 4
SBC20 Design A.png Pott Ricardo.png
Ricardo Milos
Wsg logo.png Whether it was his hypnotic pelvic thrusting, his dashing looks, or the looming threat that he would take you to Brazil, Wsg icon.png /wsg/'s darker groove king terrified the /v/irgins, dismantled the /m/echagods, and destroyed their S-deficient da/wg/s on the way to a final that the manager definitely threw. Despite the unfortunate ending, Ricardo's five MOTM awards were enough to take home the award. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 10 2 5
SC20 Design E2.png Pott Yui.png
Yui Captain
C logo.png Lead guitar by day, divegass leader by night, Yui was instrumental in C icon.png /c/'s rise to stardom. Along the way, Yui become the first SS to terrify Pol icon.png /pol/ and singlehandedly gave the team their first ever knockout win after eight long years. It looked like the Rigdora had finally selected a winner, but Boris's hat wasn't equipped to account for massive yuri plot armor, and Yui could only watch in the 120th minute as the ball deflected off an invisible wall and destroyed /c/'s dreams. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 9 2 3
ABC20 Design F.png Pott BlackIceTree.png
Black Ice Tree
O logo.png There is nothing that keeps the O icon.png /o/ team Fresh™ like their star goalkeeper, the Black Ice Tree. And nowhere was that freshness more notable than his game-saving master class in the final against Mu icon.png /mu/. Absolute nothing could get past the Fresh™ as he pulled off save after save to keep /o/ alive until Merzbow committed career suicide in the final minutes. With twenty-six saves and a well-deserved Golden Glove, everyone had the Fresh™ to thank for it finally being /O/'S YEAR BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Apps CS Saves MotM
7 1 26 0
WC21 Design D.png Pott Skyking.png
N logo.png Richard Russell was just a broken guy. He had some screws loose. He wanted to see the Olympics. And he just wanted to do a barrel roll. But when he nosedived his stolen Dash 8 to certain doom, he came back to life as N icon.png /n/'s heroic striker. With new life breathed into his metallic form, the Sky King took /n/ to glory, taking home the Golden Boot with ten goals, and well and truly GAANing every team that got in /n/'s way. Apps Goals Assists MotM
7 10 3 4


  • The Memoriam has been awarded 25 times as of the completion of the 2021 4chan Winter Cup.
  • Only 2 Midfielders have won the Memoriam, Co icon.png /co/'s Doom and Fit icon.png /fit/'s Scooby.
  • Only 2 non-Golds have won the Memoriam: G icon.png /g/ goalkeeper Richard Stallman and O icon.png /o/ goalkeeper Black Ice Tree.
  • Only N icon.png /n/ has won the Memoriam more than once.
  • Times the Memoriam recipient was also the Golden Boot: 16
  • Times the Memoriam recipient was also the Golden Ball: 3
  • Times the Memoriam recipient was also the Golden Glove: 2
  • Average number of goals for a recipient: 8.72 (roughly 9)
  • Average number of assists for a recipient: 2.76 (roughly 3)
  • Average Man of the Match awards for a recipient: 2.96 (roughly 3)
  • No player has earned the Memoriam more than once.