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This article is about the Elo Ratings. For the old rankings, see Rankings.

Rankings as of 5 August 2014
Rank Change Teams Points
1 Steady.png Mu icon.png /mu/ 906
2 Steady.png Trv icon.png /trv/ 751
3 Steady.png Vg icon.png /vg/ 733
4 Steady.png Hr icon.png /hr/ 703
5 Steady.png U icon.png /u/ 675
6 Steady.png Toy icon.png /toy/ 668
7 Steady.png An icon.png /an/ 651
8 Steady.png Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 649
9 Steady.png X icon.png /x/ 646
10 Steady.png Sp icon.png /sp/ 629
11 Steady.png H icon.png /h/ 628
12 Steady.png A icon.png /a/ 624
13 Steady.png Wsg icon.png /wsg/ 606
14 Steady.png V icon.png /v/ 551
15 Steady.png Gd icon.png /gd/ 549
16 Steady.png E icon.png /e/ 549
17 Steady.png K icon.png /k/ 540
18 Steady.png Ic icon.png /ic/ 539
19 Steady.png Pol icon.png /pol/ 537
20 Steady.png Ck icon.png /ck/ 529
21 Steady.png Diy icon.png /diy/ 523
22 Steady.png Asp icon.png /asp/ 521
23 Steady.png Soc icon.png /soc/ 520
24 Steady.png F icon.png /f/ 504
25 Steady.png Wg icon.png /wg/ 503
26 Steady.png Fa icon.png /fa/ 489
27 Steady.png Tg icon.png /tg/ 475
28 Steady.png Cgl icon.png /cgl/ 468
29 Steady.png Co icon.png /co/ 467
30 Steady.png Int icon.png /int/ 460
31 Steady.png Po icon.png /po/ 457
32 Steady.png Fit icon.png /fit/ 457
33 Steady.png S icon.png /s/ 457
34 Steady.png Y icon.png /y/ 452
35 Steady.png B icon.png /b/ 436
36 Steady.png S4s icon.png /s4s/ 429
37 Steady.png Gif icon.png /gif/ 428
38 Steady.png Jp icon.png /jp/ 422
39 Steady.png R9k icon.png /r9k/ 385
40 Steady.png G icon.png /g/ 372
41 Steady.png Tv icon.png /tv/ 358
42 Steady.png C icon.png /c/ 355
43 Steady.png Lit icon.png /lit/ 347
44 Steady.png Lgbt icon.png /lgbt/ 331
45 Steady.png Sci icon.png /sci/ 328
46 Steady.png Cm icon.png /cm/ 322
47 Steady.png Out icon.png /out/ 299
48 Steady.png M icon.png /m/ 292
49 Steady.png Adv icon.png /adv/ 284
50 Steady.png Vr icon.png /vr/ 282
51 Steady.png N icon.png /n/ 278
52 Steady.png Hm icon.png /hm/ 272
53 Steady.png O icon.png /o/ 267
54 Steady.png Vp icon.png /vp/ 260
55 Steady.png D icon.png /d/ 259
56 Steady.png 3 icon.png /3/ 182

The Elo Ratings for the 4chan Cup were created in the attempt to create a more precise ranking system to reflect the strength of the 4chan Cup teams. This system is an alternative to the Rankings which is the based on the official FIFA ranking system for men's national football teams.

A teams's Elo rating is represented by a number which increases or decreases based upon the outcome of games between rated teams. After every game, the winning team takes points from the losing one. The difference between the ratings of the winner and loser determines the total number of points gained or lost after a game. If the high-rated team wins, then only a few rating points will be taken from the low-rated team. However, if the lower rated team scores an upset win, many rating points will be transferred. The lower rated team will also gain a few points from the higher rated team in the event of a draw. This means that this rating system is self-correcting.

The 2014 Autumn Babby Cup was the last tournament where the elo ratings was updated. Following a test run between the 2014 4chan Summer Cup and the 2014 Autumn Babby Cup, it was clear that the elo ratings had many more inaccuracies when compared to the original ranking model. The only upside to the elo ratings was that winning teams like /mu/ folliwing the 2014 4chan Summer Cup does not get shafted because of rankings that have not been updated. Besides that, previous winning teams like /trv/ was not punished enough, and newly created teams had an unfair advantage. Basically, not enough matches were played per team and tournament for the elo ratings to converge to a value that made sense.

Current calculation method

This ranking system makes use of the following factors from matches to determine change in points:

  • Match Result
  • Match Quantifier
  • Goal Difference
  • Predicted Result

A clear difference between this system and the Rankings is that a points to not deteriorate over time. A team can only gain and lose points by playing matches.

Match Result

Between the two teams in a match a total of 1.0 have to be distributed among the two teams for the match result quantifier(W).

Result Match Result
Win (no penalty shootout) 1.0
Win (penalty shootout) 0.7
Draw 0.5
Loss (penalty shootout) 0.3
Loss 0.0

Match Quantifier

The match quantifier(K) is a value which determines how many points is transferred between teams. The higher the match quantifier, the higher transfer of points. This value is not final, and can change if different values is determined to generate more precise rankings.

Competition Level Match Quantifier
Elite Cup 150
Babby Cup 100
Friendlies 50
Babby Cup Qualifiers 50

Goal Difference

The goal difference value(G) is based on how many goals the winning team won with. Draws and penalty shootouts have a default goal difference value of 1.0.

Goals Value
+1 1.0
+2 1.2
+4 1.6
+8 2.4

Predicted Result

Predicted result(WE) is a value which is calculated based on the respective teams points prior to the match. A team with an advantage in points will have a higher predicted result value. The values ranged from 0.0 to 1.0, where a 0.5 value means that the teams is predicted to be equal in strength.

  • 1 / 10(-(Team - Opposition) / 400) + 1)

Team and Oppositionis, respectively, the point tally of the team which is having they predicted result value calculated, and the opposing team. The same calculation is done for the opposing team, with the Team1 and Team2 values switched. The two predicted result values for the team should always equal 1.0 when added together.

Ranking Formula

Putting the previous factors together, you get the following formula, which calculates the point tally folliwng the result of the match.

  • Team + (K x G) x (W - WE)

The main thing to take from this is that the predicted result(WE) is subtracted from the match result(W). This means that so long a team scores a result better than the predicted outcome, they will gain points.

As an example, lets take the final match for the 2014 Summer Cup between /mu/ and /hr/.

/mu/ /hr/
Points 826.91 778.27
K 150 150
G 1.2 1.2
W 1.0 0.0
WE 0.57 0.43
Change +77.48 -77.48

Other Factors

A disqualification penalty is used whenever a team disqualified from a higher tier tournament. For example, if a team advances from a babby cup, but is disqualified from the elite cup that follows, the team will be subjugated to the disqualification penalty. This is done because it is not possible to lose of defend your points following your disqualification, so it would wrongly bloat your points. A prime example of this is /fa/. /fa/ reached the final in two consecutive Babby Cups, and were disqualified from the following Elite Cup in both cases. Without a disqualification penalty, /fa/ would have been in the top 10 of the rankings following the 2014 Summer Cup.

When a new team enters the 4chan Cup, they all start with exactly 400 points. The only exception to this is all the founding teams of the original summer and winter cups. This is done to prevent new teams entering the cup from immediately being in the top 10.

The point tranfer in 3rd place matches is always cut in half for any level of competition, to prevent the 3rd place team from bloating their points.

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Current rankings file updated November 10th 2014