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This page is out of date!
The passage of time has rendered information on this page obsolete. No information on the page should be considered referential until further notice. Please help us out by updating the information so that the article can become referential again.
Reason: Being lazy (Added on 19-07-2019)

This page contains a list of barely every single team related to the 4chan Cup.

In Special Teams are listed almost every single Boss team for official and invitationals events or those weird teams with some games in Friendlies.

In Others are listed those teams who had at least one game in invitationals events.

In Ideas are listed teams without any games played. They are almost all dead teams, created but never finished or created but they did not have any single occasion to play. Some teams without a complete roster were not listed; teams who don't even have a page yet, but they have a singup for a future invitational are listed here.

In Ded teams are listed those teams who no longer have a wiki page or a page with their roster. Rosters and information can be found in older edits.

Feel free to edit this page if you find a team not listed here which characteristics are not in conflict with the last two notes of this page. If you are a manager of one or more of the following teams and for whatever reason you don't want your team(s) listed here, you can delete them.
There are a total of 820 (plus 4 teams with name change) teams in this page (2 hidden teams, several dead teams, around 160 meme teams without a game), Omegacup 2019 is confirmed with 512 teams.


/vg/ League

There are some /vg/ League teams which did not take part to any official /vg/ League game:

There are some /vg/ League teams which don't exist anymore due name changing:

/gfg/ League

Tag Team

This team was an idea for the Tag Team Cup 3:

Withdrew singup for Tag Team Cup 4:

Moeshit Cup

Teams with a singup in one edition of the Moeshit Cup, but then withdrew:

Refused teams:

/sp/erb Owl


Refused teams:

Console War

Wrestling Bowl

Teams with a singup in one edition of the Wrestling Bowl, but then withdrew:

Multinational Bowl and similar

/vp/ Bowl

Teams with a singup in one edition of the /vp/ Bowl, but then withdrew:

Teams created after the last edition of /vp/ Bowl that will be eligible to play in the next edition:

/vr/ League

Reserves and similar


Team taking part in /z/ Memorial All-Star Bowl which never happened:

Team from 4chan April Fools 2018 competing in Easter Shitpost Bowl:

>/mlp/ League




  • Ita icon.png /Ita/ and /ita/ Ita icon.png are two different teams: the first had two matches in DrDtroit Fakkin Boolsheet Series while the second one took part in Beta Bowl and it was created just some days before it.
  • Kemono icon.png /kemono/ was founded after that another team did not see the light: ? logo.png /kf/
  • Leaf icon.png /leaf/ (.WEBMarshmallow) and ? logo.png /can/ (Lear) are two different teams for Canada.
  • Pwaag logo.png /pwaag/ never took part to any official /vg/ League games, but participated in some invitationals.
  • Reddit icon.png /Reddit/ is a special team that played in 2012 Christmas Cup, meanwhile /reddit/ Reddit icon.png is a /r9k/-/pol/ fusion for TTC.
  • ? logo.png /twitch/ and /twitchchat/ are the same team: on User:Doogie you can find the /twithchat/'s roster, on Fake Teamb Owl /twitch/'s singup. I kept the second name since the user page's last edit was older than /twitch/'s singup.
  • Z logo.png /z/,Z logo.png /z/ and *Z icon.png /z/ are three different teams.
  • Teams from Formula 4CC are not listed.