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|R1D4team=tugão |R1D4score= |R1D4win=
|R1D4team=tugão |R1D4score= |R1D4win=
|R1D5team=bundes |R1D5score= |R1D5win=
|R1D5team=bundes |R1D5score= |R1D5win=
|R1D6team=SerieA |R1D6score= |R1D6win=
|R1D6team=serieA |R1D6score= |R1D6win=
|R1D7team=epl |R1D7score= |R1D7win=
|R1D7team=epl |R1D7score= |R1D7win=
|R1D8team=fpl |R1D8score= |R1D8win=
|R1D8team=fpl |R1D8score= |R1D8win=

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/sp/erb Owl 2019*
Sperb Owl 2019 asterisk logo.png
Tournament details
Host board SuperGT icon.png /SuperGT/
Dates 20-22, 27-29 September 2019
Final positions
Champion TBD icon.png TBD
Runner-up TBD icon.png TBD
Third TBD icon.png TBD
Fourth TBD icon.png TBD
Tournament statistics
Goals scored (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)
Top scorer(s)
Top assister(s)
Golden Glove
Best player
Yellow cards (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)
Red cards (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)

/sp/erb Owl 2019
/sp/erb Owl 2019*
/sp/erb Owl 2020

Page WIP open for signup purposes.


Standard cup rules apply, with the following mentions:

  • Managers are allowed to choose between these systems: GGSS, GSSSS, GSSSBB, GGSBB, GGG, where silvers have all 88 in stats (84 if height abuse penalties apply) and bronzes all 83 (79 if height abuse penalties apply).
  • Summer 17 height rules apply, with an addendum: teams running height abuse play with one gold traded for a silver.
  • Gold players will have 5 cards + 3 trick cards, silver players 4 cards + 2 trick cards, bronze players 3 cards + 1 trick card.
  • The roster must have two registered goalkeepers (/trb/ is exempt from this rule for meme reasons).
  • NEW All players have 77 stamina except for one with 99 (must be gold) and one with 88 (must be gold or silver). Height abuse penalties apply.

Eligible teams:

  • all previous /sp/erb Owl participants (sans /cbj/, /isles/, /oilels/)
  • any team representing an /sp/ general
  • /sp/-related non-general teams after being given the ok by the head rigger of the Owl (TWAIN#1475 on Discord)

Livemanaging is permitted.
Albeit not mandatory, it is highly recommended that the manager of a team consults the general in regards to determining the roster.
A team must have an anthem, a goalhorn, a logo, a GK kit and at least an outfield kit.


Sign up here. Don't forget to sign your post (~~~~ tag on the wiki if you don't know). Signups are open until 6 September closed.


  1. Abg icon.png /abg/
  2. Afl icon.png /afl/
  3. Ahl icon.png /ahl/
  4. 25px /box/
  5. Bundes icon.png /bundes/
  6. Cfb icon.png /cfb/ Playbook so bad even Tennessee could beat us The tightest collars Phil could make for a choke hazard team Trumpets for Game 1 vs. /nfl/ Trumpets vs. everyone else Stadium that probably needs a re-slot
  7. Copalib icon.png /copalib/
  8. Cric icon.png /cric/
  9. Cyc icon.png /cyc/
  10. Epl icon.png /epl/
  11. F1 icon.png /f1/
  12. F1W icon.png /f1W/
  13. Fpl icon.png /fpl/
  14. LigaMX icon.png /LigaMX/
  15. Mlb icon.png /mlb/
  16. Mls+ayy icon.png /mls+ayy/
  17. Nba icon.png /nba/
  18. Nfl icon.png /nfl/
  19. Nhl icon.png /nhl/
  20. SerieA icon.png /SerieA/
  21. SuperGT icon.png /SuperGT/
  22. Tennis icon.png /tennis/
  23. Trans icon.png /trans/
  24. Trb icon.png /trb/
  25. Tugão icon.png /tugão/

Knockout Stage

First Round
Afl icon.png /afl/
Tennis icon.png /tennis/
Trb icon.png /trb/
Tugão icon.png /tugão/
Bundes icon.png /bundes/
SerieA icon.png /SerieA/
Epl icon.png /epl/
Fpl icon.png /fpl/
F1 icon.png /f1/
F1W icon.png /f1W/
Abg icon.png /abg/
Mlb icon.png /mlb/
Cfb icon.png /cfb/
Nfl icon.png /nfl/
Copalib icon.png /copalib/
LigaMX icon.png /LigaMX/
Nhl icon.png /nhl/
Ahl icon.png /ahl/
Round of 16
Cyc icon.png /cyc/
Trans icon.png /trans/
SuperGT icon.png /SuperGT/
x18px /box/
Nba icon.png /nba/
Mls+ayy icon.png /mls+ayy/
Cric icon.png /cric/
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals


Losers' Round 1
Losers' Round 0

Losers' Round 2
Losers' Round 3

Losers' Round 4

Losers' Round 5
Losers' Round 6
Winners' Final

Grand Finals
Losers' Final